Newsletter Week 4 Term 1

Shelly Park School - Wednesday 23rd February 2022


Dear Parents and Whānau

What a start to the year. We have had our first Covid case and we even made the front page of the Howick and Pakuranga Times. I'm not sure why we were so special considering most of our other local schools have had cases. I guess the newspaper just really likes us!

As we navigate the next few weeks please remember we are doing all we can to keep school open and safe for everyone. If we ever get to the stage where we feel this can't be done, we will move to the next phase of our response and we may need to have some students, classes or Pod areas home learning for a period of time. We want to stay at school for as long as possible but as mentioned, only if we are able to do this in a safe way.

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the Pod 4 Camp. We have moved the camp dates to August 2nd - August 5th. The Board, Pod 4 teachers and myself felt that there were a number of key points that we needed to weigh up. We want camp to be an amazing experience for all students and we didn't want anyone missing out. We will look forward to camp in August and we will make this experience memorable for all involved.

This week we celebrated Aqua Fun Day with the Pod 1 and 2 students. This was a great day celebrating the beautiful weather and having fun with water. The students had a blast and it was so fun seeing them running around with their friends. On Friday we have our school Swimming Sports for Pods 3 and 4. It will be good to see kids participating in this event and to have some competitiveness in the pool.

Just a reminder that parents should not be coming on the school site to pick up their children. As the case numbers increase over the next few weeks we do need to limit those who come onsite. If you need to collect your child during the day, please go straight to the office. If you are collecting your child at the end of the day then please wait outside of the school fencing. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Ngā Mihi

Ed Roper

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Yummy Stickers

Yummy Stickers

A huge thank you to the SPS families who collected yummy stickers last year. Look at all the fabulous equipment we were able to receive for free. Please continue to collect yummy stickers this year.

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Board Of Trustees

Voluntary School Donation and Activity Contribution

As always, to meet the demands of running our school effectively and to the standard expected of us, we rely on the additional funding provided by parents through voluntary donations. We must stress the word ‘voluntary’ as we cannot mandate these payments, nor can we mandate the Activity Contribution or even school camp contributions. However, what is certain, is that without these additional funds, activities could not go ahead, we would need to reduce the number of teacher aides, reduce the upgrade of equipment and furniture, and school camp would cease to be.

Education might be ‘free’ in New Zealand, but all the added extras aren’t and as we are a Decile 10school, we do not qualify for the Ministry of Education's donation scheme that covers Decile 1-7schools.

The Board of Trustees has set the contribution (including the Activity Contribution) at $320.00 per child ($640 for 2, and $815 for 3 children) again this year. We appeal to you to consider making this payment. This total contribution qualifies for tax relief under the Donation rebate. Contributions can be made via Kindo.

We recognise that for many families and particularly for those with more than one child at school, this can be a financial burden and if you would like to make a contribution in instalments, we welcome your approach to set this up.

School Camp

With camp for the seniors now being postponed until August, there is more time to save for the camp contribution of $300. If you have already paid this, thank you. The school can simply not afford to fund a large proportion of students and if insufficient contributions are received the camp may not be able to go ahead.

Financial Hardship

We are aware that the events of last couple of years and currently has changed the financial

landscape for many, and if this means that you may not be able to cover the cost of school donations or camp, please talk to us. We do have some funds set aside for cases of financial hardship, but equally we need to be aware of these to be able to gauge the overall situation. Please contact if this applies to you.

As previously advised, we will be posting out statements next week for donations and school wide activities. These can be paid via Kindo.

Thank you for your support.

Shelly Park Board of Trustees


  • Aqua Fun Day - Monday - February - 21st
  • School Swimming Sports - Friday - February - 25th
  • PTA Meeting - Tuesday - March - 15th
  • School Picnic Evening - Thursday - March - 24th - 5:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Teacher Only Day - Monday - March - 28th
  • School Triathlon - Friday - April - 1st
  • Two Way Parent/Teacher Conference - Tuesday - Wednesday - April - 12th and 13th
  • Last day of Term 2 - Thursday - April - 14th