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What's new? December, 2014


Our flyer is going to to take on a different focus this time around. We have a lot of content and resources that focus on technology. Let's take a closer look at the student, the learner, and the human behind the technology.

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man (woman).

Elbert Hubbard

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BTSD Approved Apps List

BTSD Authorized APPS/Programs to Download

60in60 Top 60 Tools Cheat Sheet 2014

By Brandon Lutz

($$ indicates a cost)

1. Flocabulary ­

a. Vocabulary with Rap ($$)

2. Starfall ­

a. Elementary Teachers – phonics website, learning how to read., interactive

3. GeoGuesser ­

a. SS Pick anywhere in the world. Guess where it is and get points

4. Cue Prompter ­

a. Teleprompter for your classroom

5. PHET ­

a. Science simulations and interactive runs in Java – Build there own atoms

6. Wolframalpha ­

a. Anything data, math, words, anything data graph, run body mass index

7. Shmoop ­

a. Like a cliff notes there is a free side and a pay side, can use for flipped classrooms

8. Layar –

a. Scan, makes it come alive.

b. Free account for teachers, designed for business

9. Easybib ­

a. Site your sources, read the information and fill in the missing information you can

create an account for your work cited.

10. Powtoon ­

a. Create interactive videos

11. Class Dojo ­

a. Classroom management tool.12. Adobe Voices ­

a. iPAD app, download the app, create a stories, set­up page, pictures are available,

students can create their own audio, share it.

b. Can’t share it by copying by it

13. Blabberize ­

a. Make the picture talk

14. Khan Academy ­




15. Puppet Pals HD ­


b. Create a story

16. Spelling City ­

a. Vocabulary

b. Lists for books already there

c. Spelling test, say it or hear it in the sentence

d. Quick and easy

17. Jelly Cam ­

a. FREE download for Mac or PC

b. Still photography


18. Photosynth ­

a. Panaramac

b. 599$ ­ ball to take pictures: http

19. Study Ladder ­

a. With a IWB or not

b. Resources for the IWB by subject


20. Free Rice ­

a. Not just vocabulary, it has math, science, test prep, different levels,

21. FlipGrid ­

a. Teacher create a class and you can give questions to the class and the students

need to answer the questions in video.

b. 60$ a year

22. Brain Rush ­

a. Standard based mastery

b. Make like quizlets and then it will give you mastery

c. Can create a class

d. Cards

e. And Hotspotsf. Created resources already there.

23. Titan Pad ­

a. Create an easy public document

b. Can export it to a PDF or website

c. Timeslide to determine who wrote

d. Collaboration tool

24. Backpack Practice ­

a. Like free rice

b. Answer with your voice

25. One Note –­us/onenote/

a. Now free on any platform

26. Tag My Doc ­

a. Take your word document and give a QR code

b. Can still change the document (only 3 times free)

c. Analyitics

27. Duo Lingo ­

a. Learn a language

28. Google Translate ­

a. Translate your document

29. Todays Meet ­

a. Create a backchannel for when students are watching a video

b. Don’t need to log in

c. Transcript service to print off

30. Toontastic ­

a. iPAD APP – story telling

b. Print off resources

c. Free and paid APP

31. Socrative ­

a. Formative assessment

b. Student response

c. Room number is

d. Any device android or ios

e. There is a space race (to opt out of the test)

32. Educreations ­

a. Screencasting

b. There is content already available

33. Mentimeter ­

a. Quick and easy way to do

b. Live results

34. Video Download Helper

­­US/firefox/addon/video­downloadhelper & Handbrake ­

a. Firefox add on – download .mp4 onto your computer then you have it and don’t

need to be concerned about the internet.

b. Download a section of a DVD

35. iBooks Author ­­author

a. textbook author for puplishing

b. media

c. create a keynote

d. responses

e. Can’t take to another platform

36. Weebly ­

a. Create a website

b. Nice template

c. Free or Pay

37. Incredibox ­

a. Possibly in a music class

38. Boom Writer ­

a. Grades 4 and up

b. Read, write, and compete, publish

c. Writing prompt

d. Doesn’t give names of the writers

39. ­

a. Social book marks

40. ­

a. Upload a document and everyone can share a document

41. ­

a. Add on to dropbox,

b. Choose a password

c. Less than 75 mg

d. Collect work from your students

42. Drop Box ­ or

a. Back up to dropbox

b. 50 G

43. Prezi ­

a. Cool interactive

44. Evernote ­

a. Notebook

b. To do lists

c. Free

45. Skitch ­

a. Enphasise pictures46. Multiurl ­

a. All the links you want to share with students

b. Random links

c. Can do groups but it will be random

47. QR Stuff ­

a. Creating QR codes

48. Symbaloo ­

a. Social bookmarking site

b. Homepage links

49. Jing Project ­ or

a. Record

b. Can download or upload up to screencast

c. Can embed into your website

50. Gooru ­

a. Anything education

b. Interactive videos

c. Student and/or teacher accounts

51. Storybird ­

a. Allows you to create a book

b. Illustration are already there

c. Parent can purchase the book

52. Aireserver ­

a. Android or ios – project on your screen

b. 11.99$

53. Edmodo ­

a. LMS

b. Badging

c. Student can upload and teacher can annotate and return

d. Intergrates with

e. Discussion thread is not good.

54. **Remind ­

a. No longer remind 101


55. Triptico ­

a. Free or Pay

b. Download on your computer

c. Student grouper

56. **Nearpod ­

a. Presentation software and can go to any device.

b. Great 1­1

c. Paid and free side

57. Padlet ­ Site that allows you to create a wall and student post on it

b. Can be list view

58. Jeopardy Labs ­

a. Click and create – done

b. Keep both links

59. Tackk ­

60. Smore ­

a. Allow you to create a website

b. Free or Pay

c. Advertize

d. Analytics


61. BitsBoard –

62. Doodle ­

63. Hand Brake ­

64. http://www.qrcode­

65. www.screencast­o­

Simplifying a Teacher's Life: Free Technology Tools for Assessment