Watershed & Ocean Ecosystem

Seth Sadler

Ocean Patrol

When a ship or a oil rig goes wrong it spills oil and kills thousand of animals and plants. Luckily we have Ocean Patrol to help us when we mess up and they get to work as soon as possible to prevent more deaths.

Project Aware

Coral reefs die because of many destruction by human and nature; like earthquakes, warming water, more pollution, and so on. Gladly we have Project Aware helping spread information that coral reefs are deing and fast.

State of California ocean protection council

Like all beaches people don't care about there trash, were it goes, and what it kills. This statement is sad and true thankfully California's ocean protection council helps clean up all the trash before it could harm any animals or plants.


Since there is big increase in human nature that means more people to feed and more fish to be taken, that is the cause of over fishing. One program that helps that problem is Oceana and they do that by keeping reserved spots that people can not fish in.


We all know that there are many and many factories in the U.S. and that causes a problem. But like always there is a program that helps fix that and they are called NOAA and they help pull out all pollution in runoffs so they don't kill any of natures animals that live in the water.