By: Eli Wilson

Salary Range

The salary for a zoologist depends on which part of the country your in. Like in Connecticut zoologist make up to $89,000 a year, but in other places they make about $43,000. So the salary range is about 43,000 to 85,000.

Education necessary to do the job successfully

Bachelor's degree in zoology for most entry-level jobs, master's and PhD for most research and teaching. With a PhD, a zoologist can become the curator of a zoo, or obtain a research position at a university.
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Job Description/Duties

Zoologists study and monitor animal life. They also describe and point out historical features of a park. Zoologist can also set up equipment to monitor animals and also teach people about wildlife.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

You help not only the normal animals but the animals that are close to extinction. They also study animals that are dead too so they can learn more about the animal body so they can help an animal if needed.
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  • You get a lot of money
  • You get to see different kinds of animals

  • Dangerous
  • Public Employment Risks
  • Weather conditions

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Interesting Facts

  • There are more dangers than i thought
  • Zoologists study animals whether there living or extinct
  • Most Zoologists are physically fit
  • The word ‘zoology’ comes from Greek words meaning ‘animal’ and ‘knowledge