February Celebrations

Team Holcomb

Congratulations to our Top Sellers In February!! ($500+)

Sabrina Heim - $3370

Michelle Nelson - $2017

Kristen Sauerland - $1896

Chantell Ridgeway - $1632

Misty Hovis - $1573

Christy Wyant- $1155

Wendy Hildebran - $1059

Dayna Burchill - $753

Julie Kritikos - $690

Amber Banner - $632

Brenda Nelson - $597

Jessica McAdams - $550

Congratulations to all of our Top Sellers!!!!!!!!

Top Party Goers (3+)

Sabrina Heim -4

Michelle Nelson - 3

Party ANIMALS!!!

P....A...R...T....WHY?! CUZ I GOTTA!!!!!

Congrats to all of you out there partying!!

Chantell Ridgeway - 2

Christy Wyant - 2

Misty Hovis - 2

Jessica McAdams - 1

Dayna Burchill - 1

Wendy Hildebran - 1

Bonnie Felton - 1

Michelle Holcomb - 1

Brenda Nelson - 1

Isabel Canales - 1

Amber Banner - 1

Kristen Sauerland -1

Cindy Heim -1

Krystal Schrum - 1

Julie Kritikos -1

Britni Burlingham - 1

Highest Personal Party

Top DAWG!!!

Kristen Sauerland - $1841


Team Holcomb Stats

Personal PV - $2490

# Parties - 5

Team Sales - $20,629

Team Parties - 26

# on Team - 27

SD Sales - $26,580

SD Team Parties - 47

# on Team - 46

As a consultant I made $622.50, but because I chose Leadership my paycheck was $1360.39. This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you the BENFITS of Leadership!!

More Benefits of Leadership

- Sense of Accomplishment

-Personal Growth

- Opportunities to earn extra income & bonuses

- Part of companies Elite Group

-Opportunity to attend special leader events; leadership retreats, directors day at conference, Leaders banquet at conference, Leadership Incentive Trip (Riveria Maya)

-Receive information before the rest of the field

-Opportunity to help others be successful


- and many more!

Work smarter and not Harder. Offer the Opportunity to Everyone!

Check out the Career Path on thirtyonetoday.com (tot)


A note from your Director

I am so proud of you girls. You set goals and you work and work until you meet them. And even if you don't meet them, you don't let discouragement get the best of you! Just keep moving forward! Setting goals is such an important part of this business. Your WHY is also very important. If you don't know why you are doing what you are doing, you have no clue how to set you goals to get where you want to be. If you have not taken a few minutes to figure out your WHY and set a goal for yourself, I highly recommend doing so. If you'd like some help, I would love to set a time we can chat, Please get a hold of me and we can figure out a time that works best!

I am so excited for the months ahead! There is so much newness on Team Holcomb & I am so excited to see where the Lord will take you girls and myself on this incredible journey.



My Contact Info

Jill Holcomb

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 10-7

I am trying something new with my business hours. If you are anything like me, if I don't do something WHEN I'm thinking about it, it may never get done. So, if you think of a question for me or just want to say HI, just give me a call, text, email, fb..whatever floats your boat. If I am able to answer, I will, or just leave a message and I'll get back to you asap. I want to try this to keep the lines of communication open for you girls. Things get crazy quickly and I want to make sure that I am available for you when you need me. But my family comes first, which I hope yours does too, so if I don't answer, just know I WILL get back to you! :-)

Congratulations to these Startswell earners!

Julie Kritikos - Level 1 (also earned rebate)

Rebecca Rudolph - Level 1 (also earned rebate)

Kristen Sauerland - Level (1 also earned rebate)

Christy Wyant - Level 1 (also earned rebate)

Amber Banner - Level 4

Congratulations ladies!! Way to get your businesses off to a great start!!

Welcome to the TEAM!!


Christy Wyant - sponsor Michelle Holcomb

Rebecca Rudolph - sponsor Sabrina Heim

Julie Kritikos - sponsor Sabrina Heim


Allison Lingo - sponsor Kristen Sauerland

Congratulations girls!!! We are so excited to have you a part of the team!!!

Top Team Builder

Misty Hovis - 3

Sabrina Heim - 2

Michelle Holcomb - 1

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! Way to go Ladies!!!

Conference Bucks STAR REPORT

Sabrina Heim - 10

Wendy Hildebran - 7

Kristen Sauerland - 7

Rebecca Rudolph - 7

Julie Kritikos - 7

Michelle Holcomb - 6

Michelle Nelson - 6

Misty Hovis - 6

Chantell Ridgeway - 6

Bonnie Felton - 5

Julie Kritikos -5

Christy Wyant - 5

Erin Francisco - 4

Amber Banner -3

Dayna Burchill - 2

Nikki Winsor -2

Cindy Heim - 2

Isabel Canales - 2

Allison Lingo - 2

Jessica McAdams -1

Britni Burlingham -1

Brenda Nelson - 1

Jill Holcomb - 8

Way to go Girls! If you don't know what the Conference Bucks Program is check out http://www.thirtyonetoday.com/Incentive/conferencebucks.aspx. This is an awesome incentive offered by 31 to help pay our way to the Biggest Bag Party of the year!!! If you haven't registered already, you can do so under the incentives tab on thirtyonetoday.com. If you want to see just exactly what you are a part of, I highly recommend attending this year!! Conference will be July 23-25th . If you are already registered post the picture below and comment "I'm going!" Than I'll know who actually reads this too :-)

February Consultant Spotlight

Bonnie Felton

I have worked full time for management companies all my life, living paycheck to paycheck. Being the Director of Food Service has been very demanding and stressful. I am married and have two young adult children that are in college.

I learned about thirty one through a friend of mine. I started purchasing many 31 items for my children and myself. After learning about the opportunity to join thirty one I decided that being part of this Christian faith based company was for me.

I wanted to be able to pay for additional college expenses for my children and not worry about how I would be able to do it.

I signed up in October of 2013 and love everything about the company and other consultants. The encouragement and support from everyone within the company is motivating and powerful. The incentives, rewards, and opportunities that thirty one offers to succeed are unbelievable. I have made many new friends with my thirty one sisters and the encouragement and support that they give are a blessing to me. My favorite thirty one product is the Cindy Tote!

One tip I have for new consultants ....ask your thirty one sisters for help..they are always there to support and encourage you.

Bonnie, you are such a joy to have around and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you!!

Future Dates

March 13th...the LAST DAY to register for Summer Product Premiere!!

If you don't want to miss what Summer is bringing, be sure to sign up!! Go to thirtyonetoday.com...click events...Celebrate & Connect...Attend Meeting. You have your choice of what meeting you can attend. The meetings are held April 3-6th.

March 22nd - 6:30


Join us for a night of fun at your fellow 31 sisters home, Chantell Ridgeway!! Look for more details on the Team Holcomb facebook page.

March 27th - Product 101

Townville Baptist Church at 6:00

Ever wonder what all the products really look like and feel like in person? Join us for a hands-on product training for New Consultants, or anyone who just wants to get an up close look at it all! We will also be demonstrating a party game as well as Hostess Stacking! So who's up for a fun Product Demo?

RSVP on the Team Holcomb FaceBook Page under events

April 4th


July 23-25th

NATIONAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This song is for YOU!

Kristen Sauerland 3/21

Happy Anniversary

Melissa Atkins - 1 year

Michelle Nelson - 1 year

Dayna Burchill - 2 years!!!

Business Tips

-Check tot daily (thirtyonetoday.com)

-monthly specials

-how to market "month" tab (fliers, links, pics)

-this business is growing FAST!! This is the best way to know whats going on!

-Check the Team Holcomb FB Page daily (we have a lot of fun here!)

- New Consultants - you can keep track of your Startswell, use the tracker found in your virtual office (mythirtyone.com/_______ under the incentives tab)

Do one thing to move your business forward everyday and you will be amazed where your business will take you!