Communication throughout the years

A Timeline

Cave Drawings

Around 30,000 B.C. people made drawings on the inside of cave walls. They were painted and represented stories.


Around 10,000 B.C. people began carving images in rock surfaces.


Around 9,000 B.C. people began making pictures that represented items or ideas.


Around 2,700 B.C. people began to make sequences of symbols into words into sentences on pieces of paper.
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Around 1,700 B.C. a specific set of symbols in a certain order is used to make certain sounds and make words.

The Printing Press

In 1450 Johannes Gutenburg invented the printing press which allowed papers to be printed and multiplied.


In 1714, Henry Mill invented the typewriter and it received a patent.


In 1831 the telegraph is invented by Joseph Henry.

The following year in 1832 Samuel Morse invents Morse Code.

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In 1876 the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Boston, Massachusetts.


In 1951 the first computer was invented and mass produced.


In 1973 the World Wide Web came about.

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