Teacher Toolbelt Workshop

Spring Session: Motivating Middle and High School Students

Workshop Overview

Why is it so difficult to connect with middle schoolers and teens? Here’s a workshop that will explore that “great divide” and equip you with the tools to help you bridge the gap by sharing and practicing positive methods for discourse and interaction with this unique population.

Learning Outcomes:

-explain the importance of establishing a positive connection beginning with their first encounter with a teenager

-compare today's teen experiences with those dealt with in the past

-discuss how to establish guidelines, expectations, and boundaries

-demonstrate a healthy balance between empathy, caring, and discipline

-admit when they have made a mistake…or two, and learn from them

-discuss non-confrontational ways of handling barriers and challenges

-demonstrate proactive measures one can take to handle controversy both inside and outside the classroom

-share and practice positive methods for discourse and interaction with teenagers

Topical Outline

Starting Point- Seen One Seen Them All- It Takes a Village- How to Build the Bridge-Building Through Commonalities

Friday, April 19, 2013 9:00AM-3:30PM

Fee: $65.00 Lunch Provided -Register @ www.cpetracker.org -Presented by: Jonice Arthur, M.S.