Treaty of Paris:French & Indian War

By: Johnnie Ebert and Ryan Lain

The War is Over!

After the British troops capture Quebec the French surrender and seven years of fighting come to an end. This lead to a start of peace in North America after years of fighting between the British and French. The peace with the French would continue, but soon war would break out between Britain and its own colonists.

Land Gains

The Treaty of Paris divided French land between Spain and Britain. Britain gained all French land East of the Mississippi River except for New Orleans, also Florida from Spain. Spain gained all French land West of the Mississippi River and New Orleans from the French. The French were only allowed to keep two islands in the West Indies.

The flags of the countries involved in the Treaty

Problems After War

Sadly, all of the countries involved in the war were left with a huge war debt. This caused taxation without representation in the British colony and caused problems. Also, the Native Americans did not receive fair treatment after the war which lead Pontiac's War, and other battles
The Treaty of Paris (1763)