Puerto Rico

Travel Brochure

Puerto Rico is a tropical island with a year round summer and a great sunny climate. It is annually around 80 degrees but is humid all around the island. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory so a passport is not required and a ticket or anything else can be bought with the U.S dollar.
Common stores that are in Puerto Rico include Sears, Kmart, J.C. Penny's and Walmart. These stores are great for getting useful and common things that you could get in America but are easily accessible in Puerto Rico. About 3,600,000 people are in Puerto Rico which shows that it is a great place to be.
There are many festivals,foods and places to go. Some festivals are the Aibonito Flower Festival,the San Sebastián Street Festival,the Casals Festival and the Ponce Carnival. Puerto Rico is full of many forts and the most important one is the San Felipe del Morro which is a great place to explore. Mofongo,Pasteles,Piña Colada,Piraguas,Tembleque and Dulce De Leche are the foods that you must try if you go to Puerto Rico.
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