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Let's take a quick look back at 2014!


· $2,250,086 in charitable contributions
· 200,000 engraved pieces sold in just 6 months
· Since launch of sampling coupon program, stylists have an average of $450 more in jewelry on their tables and 27% MORE stylists got more product!
· 1.8 BILLION media impressions in 2014
· Social Media followers increased!
· 394k followers on Facebook 14% growth Facebook
· 46k twitter 19% growth
· 109k instagram 48% growth
· 42k Pinterest 36% growth
· 9k Youtube 20%growth
· 2014 BEST December we ever had! (16%+ over last year in sales & sponsoring)
· Lowest friction holiday EVER
· 66% more people earned Dot Dollars; Higher redemption over last year
· +2 million packagesin 2014 ; 99.9% fill rate
· 99.9% shipped within a day (5 hours processing time)
· 83,000 packages/week before holidays; 99.6% delivered on time
· 500K pounds of waste saved with bubble mailers
· Average hold time with Delight Center 2-3 minutes
· Holiday site outage = 61 minutes vs. 1440 in 2013
· 2800 promotions since September
· Majority hitting payrank vs. just 1/3 last year
· 56% are earning at least 10% more; only 1% are earning more than 10% less


And when it comes to US, this team of AMAZINGNESS that is Team BEjeweled!

I am having a FALL ON THE FLOOR moment! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect a Business in a box that cost me $199 would EVER turn into what it has today.

A sales team of 300+ Stylists who sold almost 2 MILLION in accessories in 2014. An income that exceeds my former teaching salary. A group of women who not only understand the vision that I share and DEEPLY longed for in my life which was a flexible, HAPPY and INSPIRED working life where I called the shots, but these women have become some of my dearest friends and my biggest heroes.

I am SO VERY grateful that YOU clicked on that JOIN button, and invested in YOURSELF because I am truly having the time of my life alongside all of YOU. Proud of every single one of you who are stepping out and Styling your lives with Stella & Dot. I love you all more than you will EVER know... A special shout out to you for being the top 20 in sales on our team for 2014, leading by example and JUST GOING FOR IT! I am so grateful to have YOU on this journey!

TOP 20 in SALES for 2014

This is a BIG DEAL ladies!! You are in the top 7% of our team!

I am BURSTING with PRIDE for all of you!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

1. Yours truly, $104,592
2. Michelle Toner STAR STYLIST $81,673
3. Shauna Beeston Fiddler ASSOC DIRECTOR $68,685
4. Angela Woods ASSOC DIRECTOR $53,627
5. Trish Gallagher DIRECTOR $53,343
6. Pamela Biggeman-Clark STAR STYLIST $52,988
7. Andrea Organ ASSOC DIRECTOR $50,231
8. Jan Keasling Burden STAR STYLIST $46,711
9. Melissa DziendzielowskiSTAR STYLIST $38,707
10. Clarissa Babiak Vargo DIRECTOR $37,820
11. Breanne Paulson ASSOC STYLIST $31,152
12. Jennifer Lychak ASSOC STYLIST $30,816
13. Nicky Saunders ASSOC STYLIST $27,009
14. Lisa Bowes SR STYLIST $26,778
15. Carmen Leischner STYLIST $24,380
16. Lee-Ann Gaalaas STYLIST $23,805
17. Yvonne Dyck ASSOC STYLIST $23,727
18. Kerry Ferguson STYLIST $23,480
19. Patti Boudreau STAR STYLIST $21,950
20. Janine Deanna Sept STAR STYLIST $21,491

Have you picked out your samples yet?

Not sure what to pick?

My biggest piece of advice is to STICK to the RECOMMENDED LIST, and of course get what YOU LOVE... But don't you just LOVE IT ALL!

Don't forget to think like the smart and savvy businesswoman that you are!

Our team has set out recommended lists and display recommendations and you can't go wrong when you follow the plan!

NEW line pieces and previous pieces can be refreshed at 50% off.

*discount applies to Stylists who have sold $250 in Q4.

HERE is where you can find information on ALL THINGS SPRING!

Log into lounge, then CLICK:

Stylist sampling ends on JANUARY 22nd!

Are you ready to JUMP on JANUARY?!

You’re off to an incredible start this month and we have even better news for you! Jump on January 2015 is here to help you rock your business and pick up 2 NEW gorgeous summer collection styles during the cold winter months!

Earn the Hibiscus Earrings! Sell 1,000 PVQ, 1/10 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT. That’s right, you’re just ONE Trunk Show away from taking home these beauties!

Earn the Hibiscus Pendant! Sponsor two new Stylists between 12/29 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT who sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart. Since your January sign ups are already tracking to sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart, to snap up that $199 rebate, it’s a win for everyone! Plus, if they hit their 1,000 PQV during their Quick Start, not only are you one Stylist away from the necklace, but they’ve snapped up the earrings too!

WAIT... there's MORE!

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We are giving away a SUNGLASS HUT gift card! Plus some other beautiful treats...

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Are you ready to SHINE some LIGHT on Sponsoring?

Let's put our SPONSORING SHADES on and turn up the HEAT of this Business with A LOT of people in the next 4 weeks!

YOU READY?! Here's how we're making in FUN and SIMPLE to SPONSOR!!

1. Print out the sunglasses page. (check the FILES in the BEjeweled FB group) Even print out several. REMEMBER, you're going to hear no's. Don't worry! That's normal. You'll need to talk to a minimum of TEN to start seeing results! You can't get a beach body by lifting a weight once, right?
2. Put on your Sponsoring Shades, and post a SHADE SELFIE with your blank sunglasses sheet for ONE ENTRY. (you only do this once during the contest)
3. WARM UP TEN. Mail a look book, send a cute text, an email or a link to our GORGEOUS new Spring style video!
3. FOLLOW UP! Phone is best! Fill that page with CONVOS. 10 on each! Your pace, your way. Do 2 a day, knock em all out in a night, or spread them over a couple weeks. The quicker the pace, the quicker the results, but YOU call the shots! Simply write her name in each lens, with her objection. HIGHLIGHT the ones who have interest you will follow up with again SOON!
4. Post a pic of your completed sheet on THIS THREAD. Do as many as your want! Each one gets you an entry!
5. SEAL THE DEAL! EEEK! That gets you THREE entries! Comment below with her name and then fill two more below with a *. I am drawing a winner at random from this thread!
WHAT DO YOU WIN you ask? Your BEjeweled Leaders have a SUNGLASS HUT gift card prize, plus some fun gift cards along the way!
You ready to HEAT IT UP?! I have a BIG HAIRY goal to DOUBLE the FUN and DOUBLE our team size in the next 6 months. Think we can?!
Let's slather on the sunscreen and the fun! We've got a LOT of love to share my friends! GO TEAM!!!!! EEK!!

Contest ends 10pm MT on Feb 13th! I'll draw for our big winner on Valentines' Day! heart emoticon

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What BIG goal do you have your sights set on?

Start thinking girlfriends. What are YOU dreaming about for yourself, your family and your Stella & Dot Business?

$1000 a month?

Quitting your full-time job?

Paying off debt?

Being a STAR, building a team and tripling your income?

Attending Hoopla in Vegas? EEEKKK

if you can DREAM IT, you can DO IT.

START THINKING and write it down... Survey is coming to your inbox SOON!


And I DARE YOU to make it a BIG SCARY goal...

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1 Jan Burden St. Albert, AB 2,116

2 Pamela Clark Spruce Grove, AB 1,894

3 Jennifer Lychak Sherwood Park, AB 1,872

4 Pamela Organ Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,825

5 Angela Woods Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,443

6 Michelle Toner Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,365

7 Nicole Van Maarion Medicine Hat, AB 1,301

8 Chelsea Martin Sherwood Park, AB 1,215

9 Kerry Ferguson Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,139

10 Heather Mclellan Stony Plain, AB 1,128

11 Christine Spicer Ardrossan, AB 1,107

12 Christine Chisholm Antigonish, NS 1,009

13 Lisa Bowes Edmonton, AB 1,004

14 Jennifer Anderson Antigonish, NS 999

15 Melissa Dziendzielowski Edmonton, AB956

16 Clarissa Vargo Fort Mcmurray, AB 954

17 Carmen Leischner Elnora, AB 881

18 Trish Toma St. Albert, AB 836

19 Leah Maclellan Glace Bay, NS 811

20 Hilary Clow Alberta, AB 790

21 Kellie Jackson Long Island, NS 783

22 Cindy Carlson Medicine Hat, AB 769

23 Kristine Poworoznik Spruce Grove, AB 739

24 Kimberly Chandler Beaumont, AB 715

25 Breanne Muzylowski Slave Lake, AB 675

26 Amy Wark Melfort, SK 662

27 Jennifer Reynolds Sherwood Park, AB 661

28 Angie Fehr Sherwood Park, AB 599

29 Lyndsay Strilchuk Stony Plain, AB 580

30 Carannda Tornberg Wildwood, AB 550

Because we think YOU ARE AMAZING..

THIS is what is waiting for YOU at Hoopla 2015...

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SAVE THE DATE now! You don't want to miss our official Stella & Dot Sales Conference with is OPEN TO ALL, the next HOOPLA is at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!!!
JULY 16-18, 2015

We have SUITES BOOKED. Lots....we have room for 42 peeps for FOUR nights July 15-18! Although I kind of hope we will blow that number out of the WATER!
Chat with your upline leader for more details!

CAN NOT WAIT!!! Official Registration is coming.

This is for ALL STYLISTS. So if you are thinking any of the following:

I'm not ready yet

I haven't done enough yet

I don't deserve it because I haven't worked hard enough yet

My husband will freak

My kids will die if I leave

I'm too new

I'm too old

I can't afford it

I'm afraid of flying

I have nothing to wear

I'm too fat

I'm too skinny

I can't take the time off....


You DO deserve this. And SUCCESS IS FOR YOU. Not just for other people.

If you have the DESIRE. Then put it on your calendar. WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN.

Where there is a WILL there is a WAY. And I can help you with a plan to get there. GUILT FREE...

I dare you....don't give up so easy....

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Love you all BUNCHES, and CANNOT WAIT to ROCK OUT 2015 with YOU!!!!

Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!


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