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Texting Your Hotel—The Next Evolution of Hospitality Customer Service

"Nov 19, 2015"

Customer service doesn’t take a vacation, and neither does the hospitality industry. Staff are always on call 24/7 to meet the needs of visitors and travelers, wayfarers and wanderers.

Hospitality players asked to offer quality service

"Nov 24,2015"

layers in the hospitality industry have been urged to employ qualified personnel and train them in relevant skills to enable them to offer satisfactory services to customers.

What Do Customers Want?

"Nov 25,2015"

Sigmund Freud is often quoted as saying, "What do women want?" He never figured it out, but you may do better in figuring out what customers want.

Millenials Dominate the Customer Segment in the Hospitality Business

Dec 15, 2015

The hotel industry market has had a great year, thanks to millennials who have been the dominant clientele of the hospitality business.

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