Solving Equations Classwork

Feb 16-Feb 22

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Please edit your checklist

Thursday main course will be moved till Monday

Thursday's assignment is

1. Finish side dish What's in a Case(star ones you need help on/skip word problems if no one in your group can explain until Mrs. Lewis pulls your group)

2. Choose a second activity to work on today-it may be a side dish or appetizer-remember you will earn up to 60 pt on your own and may work with anyone in your two columns between now and Monday!


Mrs. Lewis

ps Study the math is fun link and the Khan academy video from today's warmup!

Don't forget to send me your buzz math

What's in a Case Tuesday Main course

Directions included on Document

Tuesday Main Course

This is just our introduction lesson to equations

Make sure you submit pretest today inscriptive

Code on Board and share this with Mrs. Lewis

Wednesday Main Course Group 1(First 2 columns)

Complete the spy guys lesson and ?

You may need headphones

You may show your work in a google drive or on a poster!

Wednesday Main Course Equation Interactive(Group 2) Middle 2 rows

Please complete up to 5 scales on this for up to 25 pt

Record answers on recording sheet.

Wednesday Main course group 3(last 2 rows)

Complete this google drive with your small group

Happy Trail Mix Monday Main course

Appetizer Choices

You have to select at least one appetizer to complete. Point values are listed with assignements

Appetizer Choice 2: Equation Triangle Puzzle Hexagon Table

Take one of the folders out of the Appetizer bucket on the Hexagon Table

Show all your work and create the puzzle on a large white board

You may submit a photo with the work and puzzle completed for 20 pt

For 25 pts you may submit the work board, and create 1 additional piece that you could add to the puzzle!

For 30 pts you can completely design your own puzzle that is similar and create a copy for the class to solve!

Appetizer Choice 3 -Equation Mazes

Directions/Work options

1.For the first equation maze, you will earn 15 pt for solving.

Photo your work on individual white boards.

Or work together with your partner to show all of your work on a big white board.

2. For the second, more challenging maze, you should take turns with a partner each trying a different equation and teaching each other how you solve, then submit your photo for up to 20 pt

Appetizer Choice 4 Interactives( up to 25 pt)

You may choose one of the following interactives on Math playground or algebra which work on solving equations using models

Side dishes

You must complete the What's in a case side dish this week! 40 pt-20 pt per part

You should also choose at least one other side dish to complete!

You must complete the side dish with someone in your small group and can share documents in google drive

SIDE DISH 1- What's in a Case (Side dish Must complete) 20 pt for each part for a 40 pt total

All groups must complete this Side dish according to what group you were assigned.

You will work on some of the word problems in small group with Mrs. Lewis

You should share the pdf in google drive or doc hub so you can collaborate.

You may photo models for problems into a google drive like we did for the main course.

You may also print and draw the models on paper.

Side dish choice 2

Pictoral models

Choose the basketball scenario or geology rocks!

Basketball scenario model SIde Dish(up to 20 pt)

Geology Rocks Side dish

You may complete this with a partner

You should draw models on the pdf to help you solve ?

Side dish Choice 3: Solving Equation Mathopolis Practice & Google Draw(from 4-20 pt)

You should create a slide with each practice problem from mathopolis and draw a balance scale model with the both sides of the equation proving that it balances.(4 pt per problem)

You may use this tool to show your work and prove the balance photo for each problem or you may use the illuminations balance and photo each problem]

Option-You may do two of the more advanced equations and then create a video explanation using of your model!

Side Dish Choice 4: Word problem Task side dish (up to 20 pt)

You may solve these tasks alone or with a partner in your group

Make sure you draw a diagram or create a qrcode using to explain how you solved your task.

Morning Walk Side Dish(20 pt)

This will use bar models to solve a task!

Busy Day Side Dish(up to 20 pt)

Solving equation groups