Job Opening

at Global RESP Corporation

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Digital Marketing Director

Job Description

Global RESP is a education savings company so it belongs in the financial industry. The Digital Marketing Director at Global RESP Corporation will work mostly with technology, as they will be in charge of digital advertisements and campaigns. As well as deeply analyzing statistics of company campaigns. strategies, and tactics and studying customer trends.

Area Of Marketing

Digital Marketing, Advertising and Communications, Marketing and Public Relations are all areas of marketing which are a part of this job

Job Requirements

  • Experience in Digital Marketing (Current Trends, Social Media, Statistics)
  • Extended amount of knowledge in Brand Management and Communications
  • Ability to think ahead and plan for the future
  • Experience in being in charge of running company campaigns
  • Someone who is able to think ahead and take risks to achieve good results
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment where leadership roles and teamwork take great effect.
  • Experience in the financial industry
  • Someone who is able to adapt quickly to uncertain situations
  • Post Secondary Experience in Business/Marketing
  • At least 5 years of experience in progressive marketing and Communications
  • 5 years of experience being in the leader role

Marketing Skills Needed

  • Making all Digital Advertisements for the company
  • Keeping the customer satisfied
  • Developing Campaigns
  • Being able to team up with other companies and agencies

Ideal Graduates

Advertising And Marketing Communications - Humber College

Public Relations - Humber College

Digital Marketing Management - University of Toronto

Marketing - McMaster University

Marketing - Durham College

Why is This Career Perfect For You?

This career is perfect for me because it requires a person who is experienced and enjoys working with all sorts of technology. It also requires a candidate who can work well with others but when needed become a leader and be a reliable person who can run the show. The ability to multi-task is also required and i believe that i can work well in a fast paced environment and i believe that i am a dependable guy fit for that role. This job also requires one to think about the future, as the future is very uncertain and anything can happen at any moment, the ability to adapt to situations right away is very important because you have to be a good problem solver and critical thinker to get by these situations. I am a candidate who requires minimal supervision, as i stay focused on what needs to be done and i possess the necessary skills that are needed to be good at this job