Driving Safety

Safety comes first while driving (By Joey Tarab!!)

Safety in the car

1. When you get in the car make sure your car is running properly. (Spedometer, Lights, No Leaks,)

2. Always wear a seatbelt and keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

3. Texting and driving has accounted for 18 percent of all fatal car accidents.

4. Agressive driving is acoounted for half the deaths in car accidents.

5. Aggressive driving is mostly racing, tailgating, failing to see signs and regulations, and confrontations with other drivers.

6. A quarter of drivers think speeding is acceptable.

7. Distracted driving accounts for 16 percent of fatal crashes, about 5,000 deaths a year.

8. Texting, emails, and music downloading were the biggest distractions about 7 percent.

9. 70 percent of Americans say the government should pay more attention to making roads and highways safer.

10. 78 percent of people 55 or older take meds that impair driving.

Pictures on Safety Driving