English 2012-2013

8th Grade Final Project

Why People Write:

I believe that people write to express themselves. This is why there are so many different types of writing including poetry, books, and even papers. Everybody is different so all writers will want to express themselves in different types of writing. Some writing even stops abruptly in the end so that the reader can come up with their own ending. Writing is important to people who use it to express themselves.

What I've Learned About Writing:

I learned that everybody writes differently and different people have different view points on a topic. Writing can mean different things to different people. A story about a small girl growing up can show the beauties of life for one person but for another person it might show the struggles of life and how you just have to work hard to achieve your goals. I believe that this is the best thing about writing, it means something different to every single person who reads it.

How I've Grown As A Writer:

At the start of the year writing was a struggle, I had a hard time putting my thoughts down on paper. I couldn't write a standard essay without becoming frustrated or confused. Now, I am writing essays without difficulties and I see myself improving. Not only can I write essays without problems but I also use correct grammar. Writing use to be stressful but now it is something that I enjoy to do.

How What I Learned This Year Will Relate To My Future:

In my future I will have to write a lot of reports and essays in high school and college. Writing will allow me to make a good resume that will help me get a job. Writing helps make my arguments stronger and it shows that I am educated. If I didn't know how to write an essay or a poem will make it look like I have not been educated very well. Writing will make me more successful in the future.