The new way of cleaning Earth's rivers and polluted waters


Rivers and overall water is an important asset to humankind and our needs. We all need water to survive and keeping our major rivers and water clean in areas of the world that is most polluted will prove to be a benefit to a better Earth. And so came an idea amongst a group of students to better improve modern yet faulted filters. With this new filter we have created hopefully more water of the Earth becomes less polluted.


What's the problem? What and how will this solution work?


190 million Chinese people regularly drink polluted water, leading to far-above-average mortality rates associated with pollution.

The Filter 2.0

The Filter 2.0 is a filtration device that is installed in rivers. Dirty unsafe to drink water goes to multiple filters that prevent from dangerous bacteria to go through.

Dangerous chemicals like ammonia will not be able to pass the device and will able the inhabitants of Wuhan, Hubei have safe drinking water.

This device will only be sold to the government at a price of $1 million. The size of the device will depend on the width of the river because it must go from end to end and few further for stability and land erosion. The device will be made out of Ferro tungsten. Ferro tungsten’s heavy weight and strength will help keep Filter 2.0 secure and prune to storm wreckage.

This device will help clean our earth of dangerous bacteria found in rivers and will result in many saved lives of those who are forced to drink disease ridden water.