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What is copyright?

Copyright is a set of rights that are given to the creator or author of an original piece of work. This also includes the right to copy the work, distribute, and change the work.

What can be copyrighted? And, why is it important?

Did you know that many items within a school can be copyright? Think about all of the work that you create on a daily basis. Things such as essays, poems, art work, plays, songs, assignments, and even ideas can be copyright.

It is important to copyright your work so no one else can steal it and claim it as their own. If they do, they are able to make profit or money from it when it was yours to-begin with. This can also be called stealing.

Would you steal something from a store? Would you be in trouble if you did? The same rules apply when you steal other people's work or ideas.

However, as a student or teacher who use materials for educational purpose you are allowed to do so as long as you give the creator credit. This is normally done by creating a bibliography or placing the original creators name somewhere on your work.

What is Copyright Law?

What is copyright law?
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How does copyright relate to Character?

As you know within your school every month we have an assembly for that month's character trait. Do you think if you took someone's idea or work and presented them as your own you are being a good character of your school and demonstrating those traits. Let's consider how some of the following character traits relate to copyright:

Respect - You need to respect other people's work and ideas. It is not respectful to take them. Everyone is entitled to have their own ideas and thoughts when working within the classroom and within a group setting. You all need to be respectful and understanding of that.

Responsibility - You are responsible for your own work and completing it to the best of your own abilities. You are not being responsible if you steal someone else's and claim it as your own. Nor, are you being a good citizen of the school or your class.

Honestly and integrity - This is very important. Your work has to be honest and your own!

Fairness - Is it fair and responsible to steal from someone else? Would you like people to steal your ideas? Is that okay and fair?

Think about the following and discuss:

You are sitting around a table working on creating ideas for your assignment. You have started your work and then had to leave for an appointment. The next day a friend comes to school and presents your work as their own?

How does that make you feel? and why?

Is it right or wrong? Why?

Does that represent a good character of your class and the school? Explain.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is very critical for every student to understand and follow. You are not allowed to copy ideas or facts from the internet and claim them as yours. You have to source the information and put it into your own words. Remember you would never steal from a store so the same rules apply when doing research. You cannot steal words from another person. If you want to create honest work that is yours you need to use your words and give other people credit when you take some of their ideas.
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