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Propulsion Pilates April Challenge

Green Smoothie for Healthy Skin Inside and Out

Kefir is a dairy product rich in probiotics, calcium, and protein. Kefir contains 12 different live and active probiotic cultures. It contains one of the highest probiotic counts available. There are up to 10 billion units per serving. Probiotics are amazing!!!! When ingested regularly you can expect healthy skin, weight loss, increased immune response, and better digestion. Probiotics have been proven to help people suffering with irritable bowel syndrome, E. coli infections, C. difficile infections, and eczema.

1 cup nonfat plain kefir
4 frozen or fresh strawberries
1 handful of frozen or fresh blueberries
1 handful of frozen or fresh mango
2 large handfuls of spinach or baby kale
Add sweetener if needed (like stevia or agave)

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Pilates Day: May 4, 2013

Pilates Day is May 4, 2013. I encourage all students to come to a Pilates class and pay tribute to Joseph Pilates on this special day. In case you don't know much about the founder of Pilates, I thought I would put together what I have found of his life history.

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born near Dusseldorf Germany in 1880. His mother planted the seeds of Pilates by exposing him to her love of gymnastics and naturopath at a young age. His interest in physical fitness stemmed from a determination to strengthen his own body and improve his health after a sickly childhood. He suffered from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. These ailments seemed to fuel his desire to overcome his body issues and through study and discipline he became an accomplished skier, diver and gymnast. By age 14 he was posing for anatomical charts. With a background in yoga, Zen meditation, martial arts and other ancient fitness techniques plus some success as a gymnast, diver and boxer, Joseph Pilates devised a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony. Joseph moved to England in 1912 to pursue his dreams (some say a circus ensemble and other sources say boxing). His dreams were interrupted when the war broke out and was detained in a camp on Britain’s Isle of Man with other German nationals. He fine-tuned his wellness regimen during the War, claiming it helped him and his fellow internees resist an influenza epidemic. Working as an orderly at an infirmary, he engineered a way to rig springs on hospital beds to offer light resistance exercises to bedridden patients, and thus the seed for Pilates equipment was planted.

After the war, the story goes that Joseph Pilates was supposedly asked to train the new German army with his system of body conditioning. He declined to train the army and instead took an offer from Hitler to train his prize fighter Max Schmeltzer for a showdown that was to take place in NewYork City in 1926 against Joe Lewis. On the boat to New York City Joseph met his life partner Anna Clara Zuener, a nurse that was aboard the ship. Max Schmeltzer lost the fight and Joseph opted to stay in New York City and take advantage of a new beginning. Due to Industrial Revolution retail space was readily and inexpensively available. By happenstance Joseph and Clara found a space near the NewYork City Ballet and opened up the first Contrology gym. It wasn't long before he drew a following with dancers who took to Pilates for its ability to create long, lean muscles and a strong, streamlined physique. Legends Martha Graham and George Balanchine were among his clientele.

In 1945, Joseph Pilates published Return to Life Through Contrology, which described his philosophical approach to exercise. Soon, some of his students began opening studios of their own - some making subtle adaptations to the method - and word of Pilates slowly spread. Romana Kryanowska, Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant, Ever Gentry and Corola Trier, studied directly under Joseph and Clara and opened their own studios, training centers, and created their own philosophies on Pilates’ life work.

In 1966 a fire erupted in Joe’s studio while he was there. Joseph at age 86 was hanging in the rafters until the fire was extinguished. He was discovered during an inspection. Joseph Pilates died one year later, in 1967 at the age of 87. Many feel that is was directly related to the smoke inhalation from the previous year.
Pilates didn't really hit the big time, however, until the 1990s.The mind-body fitness movement took off as baby boomers started seeking gentler paths to health and wellness.

No longer that enigmatic workout on strange contraptions, Pilates' reputation broke free from elitist studios and started popping up at neighborhood gyms. Hollywood celebrities and top athletes started singing its praise and the press picked up the story.
The Pilates “buzz” has taken on a life of its own, the positive results purport that this is more than a passing fitness fad. Joseph Pilates always claimed he was ahead of his time, and his legacy lives on beyond his wildest expectations.