Protest Song Presentation

Man in the Mirror- Micheal Jackson


"If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself, and then make a change," this lyric in the song states that if you want to change the world, you need to start from the bottom. change yourself befor you try to change others.

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways," in order to change, you need to evaluate yourself, and change whats wrong.

"I see the kids in the streets with not enough to eat who am I to be blind? Pretending not to see their needs," this lyric is describing how he has been blind to the fact that people are hurting, and that they need help.

The "man in the mirror", is the artist. throughout the song, he is trying to change the ways of the ''man in the mirror''. the artist is saying that they want to better themselves.

About the Artist.

A co-writter of the song, Siedah Garrett, wanted to write a song with meaning and not just another, ''I love you so much," type of song. She wanted to give Micheal a song with some substance. She wanted to give Micheal a deep and meaningful song.


This song was was released in 1987, and the overall issue is about making a change and realizing that it has to satrt with you. We agree with the message of the song, how are you suppossed to make a change, if you yourself aren't changing. We think that this song helped get the idea of trying to better yourself through to listeners, because the song gives the idea that, if you want to make a difference, then you have to change yourself first.