Steele Report

December 2019

Principal's Message

Hello Comet Country,

On behalf of the entire staff at Marion L. Steele High School, we wish our students, parents, and community a happy holiday season! Enjoy your well-deserved break and we look forward to seeing you in 2020, beginning Monday, January 6th!

Go Comets,

Mr. Tellier

Important Notes:

  • No cafeteria lunches. Grab and Go lunches and Snack Shack will be available until 12:30.

  • Students are to arrive for their first exam and may leave after their last exam of the day.

  • The cafeteria will be open for students who arrive early or have a break in their exam schedule. Students in Study Hall will report to the Cafeteria. There is no open campus.

  • If a make-up exam is needed, time will be arranged between the teacher and the student.

  • Per the Marion L. Steele Student and Parent Handbook, all students must take the required final exam to receive credit for the course. If a student does not take the final exam, then he/she will receive an F for the course. If a student is absent on the day of the exam without a valid excuse, then the student will fail the exam and the course.

Late Arrival and Early Release for Second Semester

Late Arrival/Early Release is a special privilege for juniors and seniors who have consecutive study halls at the end of the day.

Eligible students must turn in the Late Arrival/Early Release application by Monday, December 16, 2019, to Mrs. Doehr. Applications are in the main office or on the Steele website.

Student schedules will not be changed to accommodate Late Arrival/Early Release privileges. Late Arrival/Early Release privilege is by parental permission only, unless the student is an independent adult and students must be enrolled in at least five (5) credits for the school year. It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to ensure athletic eligibility and credit status prior to applying for Late Arrival/Early Release.

In order to apply for and maintain their Late Arrival/Early Release privilege, students must:

● be on target to graduate

● display consistent attendance (this includes tardies to school)

● remain in good academic standing (C- or better)

● abide by the Marion L. Steele Student Code of Conduct (this includes detentions earned from tardies)

Please see Mrs. Harigan or your school counselor with any questions.

Second Semester Schedule

Any student who has a question or concern with their schedule for the second semester should see their school counselor before Winter Break.

Schedule changes will not be allowed after January 10, 2020.

Important Dates

Thursday, December 5th - Friday, December 13th: Fall End of Course Exams

Monday, December 16th: Choir Alumni Concert

Tuesday, December 17th: Band Winter Concert

Thursday, December 19th: Orchestra Winter Concert

Wednesday, December 18th: Jostens Final Order Day for Seniors' Cap and Gown

Thursday, December 19th - Friday, December 20th: Mid-term and Final Exams

Friday, December 20th: End of 2nd Quarter

Monday, December 23rd - Friday, January 3rd: Winter Break for Students, No School

Monday, January 6th: First day of 3rd Quarter

Thursday, January 16th: C-Schedule

Monday, January 20th: No School for MLK Day

Tuesday, January 21st: C-Schedule

Wednesday, January 22nd: C-Schedule

Thursday, January 23rd: Sophomore tour at Lorain County JVS

Friday, January 24th: C-Schedule

Sunday, January 26th: Lorain County JVS Open House

Thursday, January 30th - Friday, January 31st: Freshmen schedule for 2020-2021

Monday, February 3rd - Tuesday, February 4th: Sophomores schedule for 2020-2021

Wednesday, February 5th - Thursday, February 6th: Juniors schedule for 2020-2021

Thursday, February 13th: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 14th: No School

Monday, February 17th: No School

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