Ms. DesBarres Grade One Newsletter

Week 4

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, Sept 29- 20th Day of school! (Second visit from Zero the Hero! :))
  • Thursday, Oct. 1 - Community Walk: Come join our staff and students for a walk around the community at 2:30pm.
  • Friday, Oct. 2 - 11:30 am dismissal (remember to pack a snack)
  • Monday Oct 5- Start of "BUDDY BOOKS"- note to follow
  • Friday Oct 9- Hat Day!
  • Friday Oct 9-11:30 am dismissal (remember to pack a snack)
  • Important Information:

    ZERO THE HERO: There are still spots available to sign up to be a part of this top secret fun! Please let me know if you are willing to bring treats as per my previous email. (There are still 5 spots needing to be filled!- if you are unable to come in and sign the sheet, you are more then welcome to send me email)

  • HOMEWORK: We will begin our leveled reading program that we call Buddy Books in October!

    SCHOOL FEES: School fees are $80 and are due by the end of September if possible. Payments can be sent as cash or cheque. You can also pay via debit or credit card at the school office.

    LIBRARY: Reminder that library books travel to and from school everyday in your child's binder. We have daily library, with the exception of Fridays. Books please need to be shared at home and returned daily.

    SUPPLIES: As per the supply list, your child will need a pair of plain white socks and a new plain white t-shirt for an upcoming art/science project. Please send these in soon! Thanks to those who have already done so!

    Table Talk

    This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

    1) This week we were introduced to 2 new characters who will help us remember the letters and sounds that we need for reading and spelling. Have your child tell you one thing they remember about Daisy Dragon and Ollie Ostrich. Then have them tell you what sounds those two characters like the best.

    2) In math we have been learning about patterns. Ask your child what a pattern is and get them to show you a pattern. (Example: Clapping a pattern- we did this in class)

    3) Our two new sight words of the week are “of” and “do”. We also learned that “of” is a jail word, have your child teach you what this means.

    Have a great weekend!