Alex O.

5th Hr Rotation

I am a youtuber. My channel is called Alex Orn, Vlogger Kid. My two favorite websites are and My hobbies are playing soccer, video games, and reading. The best trip I've ever went on is when my family went to go get my dog, Aksel. We had to go all the way to Indiana in 6 hours. On the way home, Aksel vomited on my Dad's lap. My favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings because they're wings are the best in my opinion. If I was rich, I would buy a house for my family to live in. My favorite Youtube clip is a video my friend uploaded. His dog was trying to bite his friend's butt off! My dream car would have seats that have heaters or coolers, depending on the weather and would have a optional trash can that is remote control. My favorite store is Walmart. When I grow up, I want to be a police officer, like my dad!
cows & cows & cows
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This is a Random pic that I wanted in my Smore for no real reason...