Anti Hoover

Against Hoover

Hes not very sure about things. He takes a while to fix problems and hes very agressive whne he tries to fix problems. He thinks the goverment should get involved but honestly he doesnt need to put the goverment in it. He was to agrresive towards the army bond vetrans he was also mean towards them

Things Hoover Could Of Done

He could waited till the vetrans actually became vilonte before he called the army he didnt have to be rude to them because they had served the country and they just wanted to get paid becasue everybody was becoming bankrupt. Hoover could of also tooked control of the situation and try to see what he could do not become agressive and rude about things like he did. He should of controlled things with the vetrans tell tham what was going on and to wait a liitle becasue he had to pay them either way because they did fight in the war.