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LaRenda Norman - DLC - Geek Week Volume 4

As teachers want to know how to manage diverse types of digital environment, particularly as it relates to online and blended learning paradigms. It seems that videos, pictures, and digital documentation are now woven into our society/curriculum. Allowing students to create their own digital content for authentic purposes let them feel pride in their work.

This is a short review of a few different of apps used for learning purposes.

Seesaw - iPad APP

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview

Classkick - iPad app

Real-Time Student Whiteboards

Classkick helps teachers do real-time checks for understanding. The software makes a student’s tablet work like an electronic whiteboard: Students have a space to work out problems and complete assignments, and a teacher can track students’ work through a screenshot of all students’ workspace. Teachers can also add comments to individual student workspaces or offer “hints” to classes as a whole.

Classkick is a magic tablet workspace where students do teacher-made assignments and get immediate help from their instructor and classmates.

Welcome to Classkick

Skaffl - iPad - app

Managing electronic assignments | Education |

Bonus - WeLearnedIt & Scootpad