Classroom Procedures

Technology Edition

Digital Citizenship:

The rules of the classroom apply to your online space.

1: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

2: Practice courtesy, respect, and appropriate speech.

3: Use only class appropriate websites and links.

4: Be safe. Keep your private information private.

How and When to use your Devices:

In this class, when it is time to use your device I will say, "power up."

Your devices are tools of learning and research. When researching for projects and assignments always cite your sources. Learn 360 is the school's endorsed research engine.

There will be lessons where technology isn't needed. When it is time to put your devices away, I will say, "power down." When your device is in "power down" they will be placed in your backpacks or under your desks.

Staying on Task & Getting Help

When working on your devices I expect the same amount of maturity and focus with which we work on all assignments. Use your devices as a tool for learning.

Focused work during the week will result in "game-time Fridays." During game-time Fridays we will explore new online games together.

If your device or the internet fails raise your hand for assistance and wait patiently. Either I, or a neighbor will help you solve your problem.

If you are unable to use your device appropriately, you will lose your technology privileges in my class for two days. You will be asked to complete all classwork with paper and pen that you will provide.


This is true, but we must use it responsibly as a class. By being a citizen of my classroom you are agreeing to treat me, your classmates, and your school appropriately and with respect when it comes to using technology. Let's have a great school year!