By: Rachel Holley

Love Not War!! (Counterculture Movement)

In the 1960's-1970's there was a movement called the Counterculture Movement. Counterculture means that a group of people don't like the conventional social time. They want to do their own things and own social stuff. I'm in the group that people call the counterculture youth or hippies. Most of the counterculture youth is youth middle-class people. Many of them do not like the Vietnam war. With our free time we turn our time at social problems. We go protest with signs and most are for the Vietnam War.

We Deserve to be Equal like Men! (Feminist Movement)

This was in the 1800's and 1900's. Many women, like me fought for equality with men. Some went because of wages. I did because in my job I get paid less than the men. Also in the feminist movement, we are fighting for voting rights. Right now only men are allowed and we the women have no say. Some people made organizations and books about it. One organization was NOW (national organization for women). I'm in it to help support the movement. One book was called the Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, a known leader in the movement. I have only talked to her a couple times, but she is a great leader!

Equality with the Whites! (Latino Movement)

Many of us call it the Latino movement, but others call it the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. We are in the 15th year of the movement (1965). We are fighting for farm working rights, land grants, and enhanced education. We also are fighting for voting and governmental rights. We are pretty much fighting for equality with the whites (like the blacks). We try and embrace Cesar Chavez. He has inspired us and the leaders of this movement because of what he stood up for.

Keep Peace Between Us and the Whites! (American Indian Movement)

I'm in a group that was founded in July of 1968. We show our public support for what we believe. We even sent a couple representatives to Washington D.C.! We told them our 20 main points, but I'll only list a few. We told them that we want federal protection for offenses against Indians and we also want abolishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A couple more things we told the President was that we wanted all unratified treaties to go before the senate and a creation of a new office made up of Federal Indian Relations. We believe that we should not be mistreated because of our culture and our race.
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American Indian Movement ^^^

This picture shows symbolism of peace between the whites and the Native Americans. That is the reason for the peace sign in the middle. They also show the name of the movement, their saying, and the year of it.