Neil Armstrong

All About The First Man On The Moon

To Start Off...

Have you heard of the space race? Well Neil Armstrong is considered to have won it for America. How you ask? Well he was the first man an the Moon! In this piece I will tell you all about Neil Armstrong.

All You Need To Know

Growing Up

It's a boy! On August 5, 1930, Neil Armstrong was welcomed into the world by his parents, Stephen and Viola Armstrong. He was the oldest of three children. He had one brother, Dean, and a sister, June. He lived in Ohio, near a town called Wapakoneta. His interest in flight began early. He received his pilot license at age 16!

Before Space

In 1947, Neil Armstrong started studying aerospace engineering at Purdue University. He went on a U.S Navy scholarship. In 1949 he took a brake from school to fight in the Korean war. He served in the Navy as a pilot. He stopped serving in 1952 to go back to school.

After The Moon

Going to the Moon is a big deal. Only 12 people have been there! Well this goes to show that being the first man on the Moon is going to earn you some awards. Neil Armstrong received countless awards. hear are some big ones, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the General James E. Life-Time Space Achievement Award, and the Congressional Gold Medal, just to name a few. Sadly, he died at age 82 on August 25,2012.
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Personal Life

Like I mentioned before, Neil Armstrong was in the Navy. He also worked at the University of Cincinnati. He had a daughter named Karen, and a son named Eric. Tragically, Karen died at age 3. He married Janet Sharon January 28, 1956. However they divorced and he married Karol.

Coming down!

Do you Know were the spaceship landed? Well it landed in the Pacific ocean. You might think that's bad but its good. If it landed on land it would shatter and everyone inside would die. Not to mention the destruction!

Sinning Off

Did you know they played golf on the moon? They did and that's just one thing they did. Neil Armstrong had a special life. He will always be remembered by people world-wide
Neil Armstrong - First Moon Landing 1969