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Week 7 - Term 3 (Thursday 5 September 2019)

Dear Parents and members of our school community

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There are so many blessings that come with working with our students here at St Jerome's. We experience moments of unbridled happiness and joy that make us all stop and appreciate just what a privileged position we are all in as educators.

Seriously, look at this picture that someone sent to me. How does it make you feel? What is your immediate feeling when you look at this little one's laughing smile? And as for the camel: sheer appreciation and straight up laughter.

Laughter does not get the recognition it deserves and the accolades for what it produces in us as people. Charlie Chaplin tells us: "A day without laughter is a day wasted". This is so true for our kids. As parents, we all know this. When our children are laughing, they are in a place of joy. A place of contentment. "Psalm 4:7 says "You have filled my heart with greater joy". One of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit is joy.

This week when interviewing for a new assistant principal (news about this is later in the post), I asked each candidate to tell me what gave them the most joy in their day. Not surprisingly, they all mentioned those special happy times spent with students such as watching the Kindy kids in the sand pit or hearing a funny story from a student. One of the joys of being a grandparent is reliving those simple joys such as enjoying play dough magic or having the time to read book after book to an appreciative three year old.

May you experience many wonderful joys this week.

Appointment of new Assistant Principal

Due to the sad loss of Angie Letizia, I have recently advertised for a second Assistant Principal. Interviews were held this week and I am pleased to announce that Mrs Vanessa Alaniz is the successful applicant and will be joining the school in 2020. Vanessa has been Assistant Principal at Sacred Heart Primary School in Thornlie since 2009, overseeing the teaching and learning and pastoral care of staff and students in the Early Years and Child Care Services at the school. She is currently on a short term Assistant Principal secondment at St Benedict's, Applecross. We congratulate Vanessa on her appointment.

Please make her welcome when she joins our staff next year.

2020 Class Placements

Around about this time each year decisions are made regarding class placements for the following year. Factors which are taken into account when balancing classes include academic ability, gender, social and emotional needs and religious affiliation. In addition, children with behavioural problems and those with special needs are also accommodated.

Parental requests become an additional factor and I would like to make clear our policy on this issue. Letters to or lobbying of class teachers will not be considered. Because of the many other factors involved in balancing classes, parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances. If you believe that such circumstances apply to your child, a request must be made in writing by Friday 20 September. No requests can be met after this date. Please do not ask your child for their preferred teacher as this does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. Neither is the placement of a child in a class without their current best friend. When writing your request, please indicate the reason for the request. This is your opportunity to explain in writing your exceptional circumstance. Unsubstantiated requests will be ignored.

Please note my secretary will ring you to confirm receipt of your letter, however, I will not be conducting interviews with parents regarding class placement, nor will I be replying to letters of request.

Meeting new and different people is a fact of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support them through change rather than protect them from it. I am confident that the teachers put a great deal of thought into the new class lists and I ask you to trust that the environment your child is going to next year is one in which they will thrive.

Helen O'Toole


St Jerome's Primary School Performing Arts Concert on Tonight

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Sunday Gospel Reflection Luke 14:25-27 (23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

This Sunday’s Gospel is about discipleship which is a challenging concept. Perhaps it is best to talk about discipleship in terms of commitment and priorities. What is really important in life. What are your priorities? Many gospel passages during this Ordinary Time have this same message. – there is a cost to being a follower of Jesus. It’s not easy.

There are people who have given up their life for their beliefs such as Oscar Romero who took the place of a man, sentenced to death in a NAZI prisoner of war camp, so that he could stay with his family.

Just as we ask God to treat us with kindness, we also should treat one another with kindness. Ask your child: What is one kind act you can do this week?'

Discuss ways with your child that we can help others so that 'all goes well' with them also.
The simple message for younger children is that following Jesus is sometimes a difficult choice. It is not always easy to be a good disciple.

Assembly this Friday 6th September

Assembly will start at 2pm with our Merit Certificates followed by our Tournament of Minds team presenting their entry for which they received an award. This will be followed by Mr McClorey’s class 6 Green presenting their item for the Performing Arts this year in the Choral Speech section. We will also be having a representative from the WACA speaking to our students.

Plastic Bottle Tops Collection

Envision Hands – Collection of Plastic Bottle Tops

Thank you for the many bottle tops dropped into the school for Envision Hands.

To assist in the Envision Hands Project please help by ensuring only clean bottle tops from soft drink, water and milk bottles are the only tops recycled. The plastic ring can be recycled too! Although Envision does try to recycle any plastic it receives, at present their operations can’t fully process these other items.

This is an ongoing project and your tops are happily accepted by dropping them into the box in the front office.

Thank you!

Parent Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews for Pre-Primary to Year 6 will be taking place from next week, Monday 9th September.

Bookings for parent interviews can be made the following ways:

· Via the online website:

· You can also search the App Store or Google Play for “Parent Teacher Online”. When using the app you will need to add our school code: hnzja

· A link to the website is also available on the St Jerome’s website through the portal on the right hand side of the screen. Please ensure that you can see the St Jerome's logo when you enter the site.

When you enter the website you will see a grey box on the right hand side of the screen. There, you will see an option to 'Obtain PIN/Password'. Please click on this and enter your e-mail address in the box provided. Please ensure that you put in the SAME e-mail address that you provided to the school.

You will receive a return e-mail with your username (which is usually your surname) as well as a four or five digit pin.

Bookings can be made from today at 4.00pm. Please ensure that you have your pin prior to this.

Please note that interviews for Pre-Primary to Year 3 are between the parent / guardian and the teacher. Interviews in Year 4 to Year 6 also involve the student.

Should you have any questions, please contact the front office.

Kind regards

Stuart McClorey

Year 6 Teacher/Cluster Leader

The Great Vegie Crunch

St Jerome's will be participating in the Great Vegie Crunch at assembly on Friday September 13.

Parents, could you make sure on this day that each child brings a hard piece of fruit or vege (must make a crunch noise when bitten into) to bring to assembly so that we can participate as a whole school.

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St Jerome's Tournament of Mind's Team

We are extremely proud of our 7 TOM’s children in their long term challenge!

Vrindha, Lachlan, Ella, Aleisha, Adam, Nina and Juana!

Our team was awarded a special Tournament Honours award for their exceptional long term challenge performance in the Primary Arts challenge. A T.O.M. committee member will present this to the team at a later date.

CPSSA - Cross Country

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Claire Orange at Mater Christi - A warm welcome to our parents to attend this FREE event.

Claire Orange is going to Mater Christi to share her vast knowledge on the subject of Children's Well-being.

She will discuss

  • Bullying - online and offline
  • Friends and friendships - online and offline
  • Resilience
  • Screen time

Mater Christi P&F warmly welcome you to this free event.

Monday 9th September

6.30pm for light refreshments with talk to begin at 7pm

Mater Christi Community Centre

340 Yangebup Rd, Yangebup

RSVP Leonie Jones by 8.9.19


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Kids Nature Club - Little Grubs

For more information on school holiday activities go to
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