By Karen Hesse. Pg. 222

The Poem


I'm getting to know music again.

And it is getting to know me.

We sniff at each other's armpits,

and inside each other's ear,

and behind each other's neck.

We are both confident, and a little sassy.

And I know that all the time I was trying to get

out of the dust,

the fact is,

what I am,

I am because of the dust.

And that is good enough.

Even for me.

The Three R's

  1. There is rhythm in the second stanza because of the commas at the end of the short lines. It tells the reader that they should slow down.
  2. There is repetition in the first stanza with the words "each other's" and it tells you that Billie Jo is referring to music as a person.
  3. There is no rhyme in this poem and I think that it is really nice not to have the stereo-type kind of poem.

Why did I chose this poem?

I chose this poem because I thought it was a really big part of Billie Jo's life. I believe this because she really loved to play, and after the Ma died she never really was able to do it until now. Also because I felt that Billie Jo finally understood that she can't run away from herself, and that she is who she is.

What does this poem mean?

This poem is all about Billie Jo learning how to play again after the accident. During this poem she starts to learn the she is the person she is because of the dust, and that she can't run away from that. I found this out when I read the second stanza, and the first line.

How does it add to the story?

This poem adds to the story because it shows the reader that Billie Jo really loved playing, and that she understands who she is and what makes her herself.

What makes this poem powerful?

What makes this poem powerful is that Billie Jo has found herself, and that she can't run away from who she is. Also that she can finally play again after her hands have healed up.

Why did I choose this song?

The reason why I chose the song Sunrise by Classic New Age Piano Music is because it sounds happy and hopeful, is played on a piano and makes me want to play when I hear it.

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