MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of April 20, 2015


I believe that students learn best when they explain their thinking and share their ideas with other students.

Allison Riddle, 2015 Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence recipient

Important Dates

4/20-4/24 Jump Rope for Heart

4/21 Jr. Academic League home against Salem Middle School at 9:30 am in the library

4/23 Staff Meeting in the library

5/4 Beginning of EOY PARCC Testing - schedule will be coming out


You may still experience some tech issues but email is back up and running. If your Outlook is not working properly, please let me know. There is still some fine tuning that needs to occur but data migration from the old server that crashed to the newer server is complete. The internet today was a county wide issue and has been resolved. Thank you for your patience last week and today.

Today's internet was a county wide problem and has been resolved.

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March Student of the Month

Doug Shimp

Olivia Spina

Isis Velasquez

If you leave the building please take your key fob/badge so that you can get back in the building. It may seem like a small interruption but it really is a matter of consideration.

A few reminders for us all about professional etiquette with one another:

  • E-mail communication. All communication through school technology (phones, e-mail, etc.) with fellow teachers should be something that you should be comfortable with any administrator or technology staff member reading. If it isn't appropriate for the school environment, save it for personal communication (i.e. home e-mail, personal cell phone). Aside from school sensitive topics, this includes communication such as inappropriate e-mail forwards.
  • Discretion. Use discretion when talking about students and anything confidential with other teachers. There are situations where it's appropriate to discuss such topics, but it can be very easy to gossip. Don't fall into this trap. If something is to be confidential keep it that way and if you know something that someone else does not, don't feel obligated to share what isn't public knowledge.
  • Avoid cliques. I'm sure that it's not a surprise that in schools there are staff cliques. Rise above this middle school behavior. It may mean that you have less friends at work, but it is worth the sacrifice. It also sets a good example for your students. How can we expect students to learn how to respect others and treat them as we'd want to be treated if we don't practice this behavior ourselves?
  • Language/topics. Use appropriate language and stick to appropriate topics in the school environment, particularly in front of students. This includes referring to other teachers as Mr./Mrs. ____ and not discussing students unless it is necessary for a given situation.
  • Social media communication. There is nothing wrong with communicating with your fellow teachers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, it's important to keep school talk away from these public forums. Not only is it not professional, but you never know who might be reading. Keep comments on your Facebook Wall and Twitter feed about school positive and fairly general, i.e. "I'm excited about the football game tonight. Go Hawks!" or "Yay for a snow day!"