Invasive species!

How can invasive species help our environment?

Why we need invasive species!

Invasive species can do a lot for our environment. Well, some of them can not help our environment. Invasive species can protect and clean our environment. For example earth worms help us by digging into the ground. When they dig into the ground little holes appear, these holes give air to the soil. It's really good to get air in the soil because that can help our plants and gardens grow. Our grass gets healthy and we can get healthier if we grow fruits and vegetables.

How invasive species can help!

Some invasive species can help the ecosystem by reducing the amount of animals/creates. Some invasive species (earth worm) can undo the problems that humans caused. The European green crab is eating the fish so they don't over populate, and the gunk so our waters can be clean. The earth worm and the Eropean green crab can help us by cleaning our environment.

Invasive species we can eat!

Invasive species can give us more then you think, for example the Eroupean green crab gives us protein. I heard that it tastes really good too! This crab gives us a better food supply and we need as much food as possible. This crab can be caught in a net or any type of trap. You might see the Eropean green crab in a sea food restaurant! This is something we need to improve our food supply. But of course the Eruopean green crab is not perfect it may give us food supply but we can also lose food supply from it. The European green crab eats others crabs as well!
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Invasive plants!

There can be plants that are invasive too. But not all are bad most are very pretty and helpful. Invasive plants for example autumn olive, comman buckthorn and, porcelain berry can give us food to animals that live in the forest. This is not certain, not all plants are safe! A bird can eat lots of berries in the forest but not house plants. House plants produces a toxic that we are used to, but not the birds. To them a house plant is poisonous! But the good thing is a house plant is not outside its in people's houses. They can eat any plant in the forest even invasive plant because they're used to outside plants.
In the end some invasive species can clean our environment, give us food ,and give animals food. These invasive species can be good or bad. But the good ones help us, and the bad ones ruin our environment! Over all some invasive species can help our environment. But we need to try to help environment.