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January 30, 2020

From Our Principal ~~

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From The Registrar ~~

This second quarter ends on January 16, 2020 (report cards go home Monday, January 27, 2020); hopefully, there are no surprises. Third – Fifth grade families may find Parent Portal useful to see attendance and grade information. It is provided to parents or guardians who present a valid ID in the main office and is accessible until your child graduates or leaves District Five. Email Sharon Clemens at to have the letter ready when you arrive to sign for it.

KINDERGARTEN 2020 - 2021! ​

Do you know, as the parent/guardian of a current 4K student at DFES, you do not have to register him/her for 5K Kindergarten. You will receive an email in early summer directing you to enter information on the Registration Gateway UPDATE site. Be sure we have current contact information on file!

Not already a 4K student at DFES? Don't worry! If your child will be five years old by September 1, 2020, registration for 5K has begun! Please prepare to provide these documents when you meet with the registrar: your child's legal full birth certificate (not a hospital certificate), immunization record and proof of residence. Call 803-476-3900 for more information.

If you know someone who would like their child to attend Dutch Fork Elementary School's Academy of Environmental Sciences Magnet for 5K and is not in our attendance area (but lives in District Five), the School of Choice Lottery window opened on Friday, January 10, 2020.

Find more information about the School of Choice & Magnet Application here:

The Choice & Magnet Application

- Sharon Clemens

From Attendance

I am often asked why an absence is indicated when a student has attended school every day.

The answer, for the purposes of elementary school students, is that the Office of Civil Rights has determined that a student is absent if he/she is not physically on campus or is not participating in an instruction-related activity off campus for at least 50% of the school day. The start time used at DFES is 7:50 am, if your child is on time, to the end of the school day a timeframe of 410 minutes, as calculated by the student database. It may be helpful to note that even Early Release days and those last days of school in June have a midpoint!

A student who leaves school before attending 50% of the day and does not come back will be coded according to the reason for leaving. In all of the following examples the student is considered Absent for the day which is reflected on report cards and attendance records.

DSML - Dismissal: leaving after a field trip, going out of town, sick, doctor's appointment, funeral, family emergency, etc.

EX - Excused: if the nurse has assessed the student and confirmed a medical need to leave, this excused code will be used; otherwise, the DSML code will remain.

MED - Medical: if a doctor's office visit note is submitted, DSML will change to MED.

BRV - Bereavement: if an obituary or service program is submitted, DSML will change to BRV.

- Sharon Clemens

4 Year Old Kindergarten Registration ~~

Registration for 4 yr old kindergarten begins February 3. Applications for screening will be available in the front office or can be found online at under "Departments" and then "Youth and Family Services". A birth certificate and one proof of residence must be shown before a screening date will be set. Screenings will be June 1, 2, and 3, 2002. Students must be zoned for DFES to attend 4K here.

Tag of Honor ~~

Dear Parents

Most of you are familiar with our Tag of Honor Ceremony to honor students who excel in certain areas of our curriculum by giving them a tag to wear on their chain. In the past we have had four ceremonies, one at the end of each nine weeks. After careful consideration of all of our events and our school schedule we have decided to have only two tag ceremonies. One was held in November after the first nine weeks. The other one will be after the fourth nine weeks (May 18 for 4K/5K and June 2 for 1st-5th grades). Tags will still be given for the second and third nine weeks but it will be done in individual classrooms.

We wanted to keep you abreast of this change in our school’s schedule of events. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the front office at 476-3900.

From our School Counselor ~ ~

Sara Beckman


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Upcoming Events ~ ~

Jan 31 - 100th Day of School

Jan 31 - High Five Friday, Richland County Sheriff's Department here to greet students

Feb 3 - Great Kindness Challenge begins

Feb 3 - 4K Screening Applications available

Feb 5 - Second Cup of Coffee, 7:30am

Feb 10 - D5 Board Meeting, Chapin Middle at 7:00pm

Feb 10 - 3rd grade field trip (McDermott, Plemmons, and 1/2 of Donald's)

Feb 11 - 3rd grade field trip (Reed, Goforth, and 1/2 of Donald's)

Feb 14 - Kindness Challenge ends

Feb 14 - Spring and Class Pictures

Feb 17 - Student Holiday

Feb 19 - Interims go home

Feb 21 - Father Daughter dance, DFES gym, 6:00-8:00pm

Feb 24-28 - Book Fair

Feb 27 - Early Release, 11:40am

TREX Recycling ~ ~

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Dutch Fork Elementary School Academy of Environmental Sciences

Proud to be a Title 1 School

From our Resident Scientist ~~

We had an amazing 6th annual Share Fair Day and Science Fair here at DFES on Jan. 21-22. Thanks to all of you parents that helped our kids by being a mentor and for visiting during the Share Fair so that they kids were more prepared for the judges on Science Fair Day. The following are our awesome 5th grade winners:

2019-2020 Science Fair Winners

Award of Excellence -“Top Notch Pizza Box” - Brennon G., CJ C., Caleb E.

Head Judge Awards-“Straw Test” - Marcus R.

“Devil Cars” - Sebastian A., Bryce H., and Maurice S.

The following will go on to compete in the D5 Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 8th.


“Is the Way You Wash Your Car Good for the Earth?” - Christian W., Kyra S., Prince B.

“How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?” - Tyler J., Kendall J., Kai W.

“What’s the Solution to Air Pollution?” - Cassidy T., Trinity W., Jamall F

“Ways to Prevent Erosion” - Josiah W., Matthew R., Brayden A.

“Baby Powder Test” - Za’Mya G., Dai’ya S., Zaria W.

3rd Place Winners (TIE)

“Are These Bags the Best?” - Ariel D., Natalie W.

“CFC’s” - Makhari H., Cheyenne C., Korleah W.

2nd Place Winners (TIE)

“Soap Paradise" - Charles P., Mary V., Azaria M.

“Landfills, Liners, and Leachates” - Lyncoln R., Bryce W.

1st Place Winners

“How to Stop Oil Spills” - Ethan C. and Cooper K.

*ALL Science Fair Projects will be on display in our media center until Tuesday, Feb. 18th. Please stop by if you didn’t get a chance to see our kids work.

As you know February 14 is Valentine's day and falls on a school day. In light of this, please be advised that our student handbook prohibits delivery of gifts to students. The handbook states: "Flowers, balloons and other similar items will not be accepted by the school for delivery to students. In recent years, the practice of sending items to students while in school has increased to the point that it has become disruptive of the educational process. The District’s Parents’ Cabinet recommended, with the concurrence of the administration, that deliveries of this nature be prohibited." With that being said, any items brought will not be accepted. We thank you for your understanding.

From Nurse Sherman ~~

Winter Health Tips

Stay Hydrated
People don’t typically associate dehydration with winter, but you can get dehydrated regardless of outdoor temperatures. Your body loses a lot of fluid during the cold, dry winter months. Make a point to drink water & replenish fluids.

Wash your hands
Winter is cold & flu season. Washing your hands is a simple and effective way to help prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy.

If your child suffers from winter nosebleeds it may be from the dry air. Try using a cold air humidifier in the child’s room at night. Saline nose drops or petroleum jelly may help too. If severe, consult your family physician/pediatrician.