Cub Reporter

May 7, 2020

From our School Counselor

Hello Fox Cub Families,

Our DFES character education program is known as the “Essential Eight”. Each month we focus on a new theme, and as we begin the month of May, I’m highlighting a character quality I have been thinking about a lot lately.

Resilience - the ability to recover from challenges and overcome obstacles - is a skill that deserves to be in the spotlight right now. This ability to “bounce back” from problem situations is what allows people to come out stronger than they were before. Resilience can guard against feelings of helplessness and discouragement, and lead to positive relationships, better school performance, and a sense of self-confidence. We would love for our kids to have this ability, but how do we teach this? Especially if we could do with a bit more resilience ourselves? We can help our children grow in this area by helping them build healthy relationships to support them in difficult times, modeling positive thinking and problem-solving, and giving them a chance to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings. Let your child know that it’s okay to make mistakes and allow those to be learning opportunities to discuss what went wrong and what might work better next time. Encourage patience and perseverance when your child encounters problems, so they will learn that they can count on their own strengths to solve them. At the same time, don’t forget to celebrate your child’s successes! Offer praise for even small steps toward a goal. Compliment your child when you see effort, even if it’s not perfect. Share what makes your child special and unique in your eyes. Encourage them to take on challenges and try new things, reminding them that they don’t have to BE the best, as long as they DO their best!

Here’s a Roll and Respond Game to get talking about resiliency. Use this game to listen to your child. There are no right or wrong answers - Have fun! Just roll a die and take turns answering the questions. If your dice are under the bed or stuck in the couch cushions, make cards numbered 1-6 and draw a card. You can also make up your own Roll and Respond game with your questions for the next round.

1 - Tell about a time you had a problem and how you solved it. How did you feel about it afterwards?

2 - Who are some people who help you w

hen you have a problem?

3 - What are some happy memories you have? What made those times special?

4 - What are you looking forward to? What is it like to think about the future?

5 - What is something you could teach someone else? What makes you proud to be YOU?

6 - What is something you have done to show responsibility this past week?

I have recently posted mini-lessons on my school counselor page on the DFES website. Check them out here! I will be adding others throughout May. I hope you will check these out with your child and find out how to “Grow Happy”. As always, call me or send an email if I can help you in any way...or just to stay in touch!

Sara Beckman


From our Registrar

Proof of Residence and Current Email Addresses– We have had to change the date and the process of collecting Proof of Residence (POR) for 2020-2021. District Five heard parents’ requests for the ability to email proofs, particularly helpful when there is more than one child in the family attending a different school! Please use this Google Form link to provide your District Five Proof of Residence. You will be able to enter up to ten children in the one form, no matter what school they attend, upload your documents, and the corresponding school will receive them. Be sure we have your preferred email address and updated phone numbers on file.

A total of three acceptable POR documents are required: One - a current lease OR mortgage statement (closing documents) OR property tax bill with the parent or guardian’s name; and Two - 2 different items from the following list (at least one must be a utility bill and the dates must be current):

Vehicle Tax Registration

Voter Registration Card

Electric Bill
Water Bill

Telephone Bill

Cable/Satellite Bill

Families who share a home with another family must still provide a notarized affidavit packet. Please contact the registrar, Sharon Clemens, at and she will assist you.

Report Cards and Parent Portal

Parent Portal will be turned off for all grade levels on June 5, 2020. It is provided to parents or guardians who want to see grade detail and attendance; 4K through 2nd grade information is not available on Parent Portal. It is accessible until your child graduates or leaves District Five. If you need access, please provide a scan or copy of your picture ID to the registrar or contact her for more information before June 5th.

Report cards will be mailed to all District Five 4K through 11th grade students on Monday, June 12, 2020. Be sure we have an updated address for you, particularly if you are planning to move.

Registration 2020

Do you know, as the parent/guardian of a current 4K student at DFES, you do not have to register him/her for 5K Kindergarten. You will receive an email in early summer directing you to enter information on the Registration Gateway UPDATE site. Be sure we have current contact information on file!

Not already a 4K student at DFES? Don't worry! If your child will be five years old by September 1, 2020, registration for 5K is currently being accepted. Please prepare to provide these documents when you meet with the registrar: your child's legal, full, birth certificate (not a hospital certificate), immunization record and Proof of Residence. Start at the district’s Registration Gateway website: .

Students who will be four years old by September 1, 2020, can sign up for a 4K (Pre-Kindergarten) screening appointment by contacting Shirley Cope at

Students new to the district, or who are coming back into the district, in 1st through 12th grades, can register beginning Monday, June 8, 2020. The first scheduled day of the new school year is Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Sharon Clemens

From the Health Room

In preparation for end of year school closing, Individual Health Plans (for those students with life threatening medical conditions & alerts) will be placed in students’ designated classroom belongings bag for your students’ designated pick up date. For those without left behind items in the classroom, their respective IHP will be forwarded to your home address. Reminder to please take these forms with you for your students’ summer appointments for physician review, signature obtainment and return to school this fall.

Students’ scheduled and “as needed” medications in the health room will also be placed in students’ classroom individualized bags for pick up, excluding controlled substance medications. These medications will need to be counted and signed off with the nurse at your students designated pick up time. Any medications not picked up will be destroyed per school district policy.

Thanks everyone, please continue to stay safe & maintain good hand washing and cough/sneeze etiquette.

Report from our School Improvement Council

From our Resident Scientist

Hello everyone:)

We will be selling our DFES compost on Thursday and Friday, May 7-8, from 3:30-5:30 at the Irmo Middle School Annual Plant Sale. If you are interested in getting some, please fill out the following order form to reserve your bag.

Thanks so much for supporting our compost and garden programs.

One of our Green Steps, organized by our 2nd grade teachers, is a Shoe Collection for Keep the Midlands Beautiful. With school being closed for the remainder of the year, we were not able to organize and start this project this year. However, KMB is still collecting shoes. Please read the information below and we sure do hope you can participate for this awesome project.

Big picture

From our Media Center

If you are looking for more books to read or storytime to listen to, check out our DFES Virtual Library!

Distance Learning Link ~

We wanted to share the LexRich5 website for Distance Learning with you.

There are LOTS of resources for parents and students available to you, including many videos to assist you during this time of social distancing and distance learning.


Please view our district website below with a list of providers who are currently offering free WiFi.

Dutch Fork Elementary School Academy of Environmental Sciences

Proud to be a Title 1 School