Sedley Abercrombie

Lead Library Media Coordinator - Davidson County Schools

About me...

My name is Sedley Abercrombie and I have lived in Davidson County for the last 12 years. Originally from the New Orleans area, my husband and I moved to Denton in 2005. We've been married for 18 years and have 2 girls aged 16 and 17.

I have worked for Davidson County Schools in school libraries since 2009. I have a master's in library science as well as teaching certificates in K-6, ESL, school library K-12, and district library supervision.

DESTINY Online Library Catalog

  • District admin for the online library catalog
  • Manage student and staff accounts
  • Troubleshoot issues with media coordinators
  • Train on new features

I use DESTINY to run collection analysis and collect data for school library collections.

Click here to see DESTINY.

Discovery Education District Administrator

  • Maintain student and staff accounts
  • Train on Discovery Techbooks (science K-12, social studies 6-8 and math 6-8)
  • Troubleshoot DE streaming issues

After holding 2 district level cohorts of Discovery Education in spring 2016 and 2017 at the district level (more than 40 participants), I am working with a number of media coordinators to facilitate school based cohorts of DEN Ambassadors this fall. The focus of the #DENAmb program is to enable teachers to integrate digital media and classroom strategies into their instruction. This program is suitable for all content areas and grade levels.
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Professional Development for Media Coordinators

Scheduled PD for this year:

  • October 30th - we will be covering DESTINY 15.0, new features in Discovery Education, World Book Online and Advocacy for school library programs
  • January 22nd - we will be learning about the newest professional standards from AASL (to be released Nov. 2017)
  • April 16th - NC DLMI training

Here is the Google Slide from our most recent PD this past June:

#DCSlibrarymedia Blog

2 years ago, I launched a blog for DCS school librarians by DCS school librarians. This was an effort to build self esteem among SLMCs by highlighting their work as well as offering a forum for library staff to share ideas. Just this week we released blog #87:

Social Media & Website

Beginning 2 years ago, I assisted the communication department in setting up the Twitter and Facebook pages for the district and each of the 36 schools. I continue to serve as tech support for the communications department and help to maintain social media content.

I also have worked as tech support for the district and school websites. I field troubleshooting calls, work with media coordinators in small groups and help to maintain websites.

I maintain the technology department handbook:

NC Digital Learning and Media Inventory

I work with media coordinators to complete the NC DLMI report required by NCDPI due each spring. The process takes a good 6 weeks from beginning to end, involving every school, SLMC or designated staff and the administrator. The information collected in the NC DLMI is based on the school and district level digital learning and media resources in place by June 30 of each year. The data collected provides the legislature and the public a yearly snapshot of the state of digital learning and media programs in North Carolina's schools.
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Battle of the Books

  • Secure membership for SLMCs to be eligible to compete in regional BOB competitions
  • Arrange for memberships for all elem & middle schools
  • Plan events for spring
  • Organize volunteers
  • Print certificates and programs
  • Organize questions
  • Arrange all materials for judges, moderators, timekeepers, etc.
  • Set up AV equipment
  • Escort winning teams to district competitions and volunteer

PLCs for SLMCs

I particpate in each of the PLCs groups for elementary, middle and high school media coordinators.

  • HS media coordinators meet almost monthly
  • MS quarterly
  • ES 6 times a year

I also meet one-on-one with new media coordinators as several times a year each and with veteran media coordinators as requested.

North Carolina School Library Media Association

  • NCSLMA president 2016-2017
  • President-elect 2015-2016
  • Advocacy and Governance chair 2014-2015
  • Emerging Leader 2013

NC SLMC Evaluation Instrument:

Click the link below...