Español 2

August 4 - August 8

This is our last week

We are in our 8th week of class. It is hard to believe that the summer semester is almost over.

Tonight Units 1-8 will close for students @ 11:00 pm. **This is a change due to maintenance that is scheduled for Moodle.**

It is important that students work their hardest to complete their assignments or catch up if they are behind.

The final exam will open up automatically if a student has completed Unit 8. If they did not complete Unit 8, the exam will open tomorrow at 7 am.

There are two parts to the final exam. One is a 43 question exam and the other part is a project similar to what they have done at the end of the units. During the Required Live Classes students have been reminded that they are NOT allowed to use their notes, their friends or other websites while working on the exam or project. Also, students will receive a zero if they use an online translation site. I will be on Blackboard IM a lot in the evenings if students have questions or they can text me.

The final exam will close on Friday 8/8 at 11:59 pm.

Final Grades

I will submit final grades on August 12th into the registration system.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the grades in the course.

Last Required Live Class

There is one more RLC schedule for the semester. It is Thursday 8/7 @ 730 pm. Please encourage your child/student to attend if they have not attended a session yet this week.