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The Basic Information of the Turtle

Turtles are very different from other creatures. The basic types of turtles are tortoises , sea turtles , and trapharians. There are over 200 types of turtles. All very different from each other,but can be very similar too.

The Parts of The Turtle

The shell has two distinctive parts the carapace(the top half of the shell) and the plastron (the bottom half of the shell). The coloring of the carapace is dependent upon where its from and what type of species it is. The coloring of the plastron is different for every turtle. On the carapace the statues(the bony plates on the shell) covering the vertebra are called vertebral. The statues surrounding the vertabral are called constals and, surrounding the constals are called marginals.

The plastron has 6 sections the very top section is called the gular. The section after that is called the humeral. After that in the next section is called the pectoral. The next section which is the forth section is called the abdominal. Next is called the femoral, in the last section it is called the anel.

The part of the shell that keeps the plastron and the carapace together is called the brige. It runs along the humeral, pectoral, abdominal, and the femoral on the plastron. On the carapace it runs along the marginals. On the brige it contains three parts the top part is called the axillary. In the middle we have the brige and to finish of the brige in the last section it is called the inguinal.

Turtles Connection With Humans and How Long They Can Live

Turtles were used in many cultures. For example many thought that the world was on the back of a tortoise. Turtles can also live to be as old as 100 years old. How they would track this is if one person found a turtle they would mark there initials on it and the date.
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Turtles Problems In Todays Day in Age

Science Daily has scientists that report that over half of all turtles species is threatened by extinction. One way is by people are releasing their pet turtles into the wild. You should never put a pet turtle in the wild without preparing it and putting it where it is native to. Another way is by poachers, they will be paid to kill sea turtles for there shell. This is just a few ways turtles are being threatened in today's day in age.

How We Can Help

Governments are now make it illegal to own certain types of turtles. They are also helping by putting up gates around nesting grounds. How we as an individual can help is by donating to help save rare specie.we can also help by if we find a turtle wondering around we should put it where its common and keep that type of turtle common there.