Nord's Newsletter

April 20-24, 2015


Last week, Miss Ploeger wrapped up the comprehension skill Author's Message. Our next skill to focus on will be summarizing fiction texts.


Students will be adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers and working with fractional parts this week.


This past week, the students learned information about the five different animal kingdoms. Later this week, each student will select an animal to research. Miss Ploeger will be modeling with her selected animal how to take notes and record learning.

Inquiry Activity

Each group selected a tested "beak" to see how many seeds and worms they can pick up in 30 seconds. The beaks to choose from were chopsticks(pelican), tweezers(robin) or clothespin(hawk).

Racoon River Players

Recycling Products

Pay It Forward

Our class worked with Mrs. Berger's 5th students to make five fleece tie blankets and cards for two local shelters. The students had a lot of fun making the blankets and being with their buddies too. A total of 54 blankets were made by Webster students. How Awesome is that!!

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Guidance & Computer Lab
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Music
***Late Start***
Thursday: Library
Friday: Art