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Welcome 2020

Though January marks the beginning of a new calendar year, for those of us who live by the school calendar, it means that we are already almost at the half way mark! While we can all agree that time is absolutely flying by, which usually means that good things such as warmer weather and spring being here before we know it, this current school year is bittersweet, as we will soon say goodbye to our current Cape Cod Tech building. This school has so many happy memories for our teachers, parents, students, and members of the community, and while we will never forget this school that feels like our second home, it is exciting to look forward to moving into the new building and creating new memories there.

School is back in session, and January is bursting with fun and exciting learning opportunities.

Freshmen- Our 9th graders are almost at the end of their exploratory phase! By now, they should have strong feelings about shops they are most interested in. It is important that they continue to demonstrate their potential by being good citizens of the school and doing their very best academically.

Sophomores- At this point, sophomores should start thinking about what courses they would like to take next year as juniors. If they are considering going to college, junior year is looked at closely by college admissions representatives, so it is imperative that students are challenging themselves academically (to their individual degree) to show colleges that they are capable of handling college level work. Parents, if you would like to help in this process, please encourage your student to practice good study habits at home with a homework routine. For some great tips on how to implement a homework routine at home, check out this article from Very Well Family. Establishing routines in general and modeling healthy living habits will help your student thrive.

Juniors- Co-op! What seems like a lifetime of waiting for your student, they are finally eligible to participate in Co-op, as long as their grades allow. This is an exciting opportunity for our students to get hands on experience in a professional setting. Using all the skills they've learned in shop is amazing, no doubt, but the personal growth that is achieved from this experience is of equal importance. The interpersonal and communication skills they learn by being on the job will stay with them wherever their professional lives take them in the future.

As I mentioned in December's newsletter, some juniors participated in the PSAT. The scores have since been released, and you should have received a copy of your student's score report in the mail with their report card if your student participated. Counselors delivered a score interpretation lesson in classrooms to help students understand their scores, and got them signed up for Khan Academy, College Board's free SAT tutoring resource. Click the link for more information from College Board and Khan Academy.

Seniors- Show me the $$!! By now, the SAT's have been taken (hopefully), the college applications have been submitted (again, hopefully), and now comes the fun of figuring out how to pay for college. Figuring out finances is stressful, but scholarships can help. While no one is guaranteed a scholarship they paid for, we strongly encourage students to apply for as many as possible. This month, counselors will go into History classes to show seniors how to apply for scholarships (for students going to college) and toolships (for students entering the workforce). Here on the Cape, we have many generous donors who care about our students and are happy to invest in their futures. Click here to have access to our scholarships database.

If your student still hasn't decided on their post-secondary plans, it's not too late! Please encourage them to make an appointment with their school counselor as soon as possible.

January Calendar

  • January 6: 12:35 Student Dismissal
  • January 9: Ninth Grade Non-Trad Day
  • January 13: Senior Pictures Due
  • January 15: 1:35 Student Dismissal
  • January 17: Tri 2 Midterm Maroon
  • January 20: Martin Luther King Day Observed -No School
  • January 29:1:35 Student Dismissal
  • January 31: Tri 2 Midterm Gold

Article of the Month

Setting an Intention Instead of Resolution for the New Year

Year after year, people have the best of intentions by thinking of ways to better themselves with New Year's resolutions only to be disappointed year after year when they are not able to actualize their resolutions. I, too, fall victim to this phenomenon, which is why I was thrilled to come across this article about setting intentions instead of resolutions for the new year. Basically, "unlike resolutions, intention setting focuses less on goals, and more on the journey which leads to certain outcomes. Think of it this way: Intentions focus more on internal power and long-term change, whereas resolutions focus more on external—and sometimes, short-lived—rewards". I encourage you and your family to give this a try!
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January Action for Happiness Calendar

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