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GCJHS - January 3, 2022

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1. WELCOME TO 2022! Unfortunately our return to school comes at a time when we are seeing the numbers of COVID-19 cases spike to levels we have not experienced in nearly a year. Below you can read the letter sent to your parents from Dr. Harold Olin, Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Olin addresses the COVID-19 numbers and how mask use has helped us increase the number of students we are able to keep in the classroom as opposed to sitting out of school due to exposure to others who test positive for COVID-19.

2. WE NEED YOUR HELP :) As we return to school be sure to have a mask and wear it properly when appropriate during your time at school. We've had a number of students who have been dependent on the school to provide daily disposable masks. Our supply of those masks is dwindling and will run out soon. Please make sure you have a mask and a back up (in case you lose one) each day. Everyone's cooperation with mask usage will help us continue to minimize the number of days students must be away from school due to COVID exposure.

3. Quarter 2/Semester 1 Report Cards will be available in your PowerSchool account on January 7th after 1:00 p.m.

4. Are you interested in joining the Junior High Swimming/Diving Team? Information can be found below in the flyer section.

5. Are you in need of Food Support? Check out the Food Support Resources 2021-2022 document in the download section below to find locations and times for specific food support.

6. Math Tutoring UPDATE: If you will attend any of our after school sessions on Thursdays please review the following expectations:

  • Students need to bring some math to work on
  • Phones need to be muted and put away
  • Students that are OFF TASK may be asked to leave the session and their parents will be contacted

7. Afternoon Car Rider Line - While in line please pull your cars up to the car in front of you. If we can avoid gaps in the line this will help keep the line moving smoothly and safely.

8th Grade Band @ Indianapolis Artsgarden

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This Week in History

History Segment by Aidan Bow


January 3 1959

On this day Alaska became the 49th state of the United States of America. In 1867 Russia sold Alaska to the US for 7.2 Million Dollars, it later became a state in 1959 during the height of the Cold war.



Jan 4 1643

Issic Newton was born on Jan 4th 1643, he is well known for his three laws of motion.



Jan 5 1933

On January 5th 1933 the Golden Gate Bridge beggin construction; it completed construction in 1937.



Jan 6 1941

On January 6th 1941 Theodore Rosevelt delivered the Four Freedom speech, this speech told people the importance of freedom and the rights all people deserve.



Jan 7 1950

Harriet Truman Annouced the creation of the H-Bomb, the H-Bomb was and still is one of the most destructive weapon we have ever created.


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This calendar shows ALL of the current sports events scheduled for our school.