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Romeo is the only son of Lord Montegue and falls in love with a capulate's daughter, Juliet. Romeo is brave, loving, charming, and is passionate. Romeo dies in the end of the story because of love and he drinks poison because he thought that Juliet was dead and he couldn't go on without her. Romeo has a strong jaw, blue eyes, and has brown hair (bestnotes
Romeo and Juliet (8/9) Movie CLIP - Thus With a Kiss, I Die (1968) HD

Romeo facts (2)

Romeo may be acting a teensy bit rash when he kills Tybalt, but in general the boy's a lover, not a fighter.

Juliet Capulet, only daughter of his family's arch enemies, and falls in love at first sigh (shmoop).

Romeo Gallary

The middle picture shows the part (scene) where Juliet kills herself because Romeo had killed himself.

The 3rd picture shows Romeo finding and assuming that Juliet is dead (Kessler, Zak)

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