slimy slaughters

cuban tree frog

freak frogs of nature

A Cuban tree frogs skin on its head is fused to its scull, it produces toxic mucus from its skin, and it changes colors. Young Cuban tree frogs have blue bones, white stripes down its sides, and bright red eyes.


The Cuban tree frog has a disgusting diet, it eats small snakes, hatching birds, lizards, geckos, other frogs, and other small vertebrates.

little stow aways

the cuban tree frog hopped on ships to florida from Cuba and the Bahamas. It was brought to florida in the 1920s. It comes from the western hemisphere and is mostly found in southern florida.

other facts

the cuban tree frog mates year round. male Cuban tree frogs are smaller than females and have a shorter life spand. Its also hunted by some types of snakes like racers, yellow rat snakes, and ribbon snakes

STOP this menacing frog

To stop this frog you can euthanize them with permission from your local government or if you have them as a pet don't let them go in the wild.