How to make good posts in your discussion boards.

Maximize your grade and your knowledge!

Discussions are a percentage of your final grade average. Follow these instructions to maximize your grade and your knowledge of the course content.

For specific instructions on how to participate in discussions, please go to the Student Orientation Course, page 5.
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1. Requirements

  • Post your original thread with thorough response to the question(s) or statement posted for that unit. Your post should be at least 5 sentences. If you use any outside resources or websites for help, make sure you include those. Otherwise, it's plagiarism!
  • Respond to a classmate’s post with at least 2-3 sentences. "That's insightful!" "I agree" and other short answers like this are not acceptable.
  • All of the above must be completed by the due date for full credit. If for some reason your response is incorrect or you need to edit your post, you can correct it by the due date and you will still get FULL credit.

It's as simple as that!

Note: Your teacher does not receive a notification if you "edit" an existing discussion post. If it is already graded and you need to go back and make changes, please create a NEW reply to your original post. Then your teacher will a receive notification to read it.

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2. Communicate Effectively

Please remember that all responses to classmates should be helpful and encouraging. Here are some examples of possible replies:

  • I like how you provided....
  • I like your wording in the second paragraph when you stated that.....
  • I also considered that......
  • Great job on .....
  • I didn't get that answer but I can understand where you are coming from....
  • Great job but I think you forgot about __________. No worries....that's something that's easy to leave out.
  • After reading your post, I understand this question much better. I am going to go back and change my answer now. Thanks for your help!
  • How did you get that answer? I did it differently but I would really like to see how you got your answer too.
  • You were off to a great start! But you made one little error in.......I hope that helps you but if not, let me know. Maybe I can try again or someone else in the class can add to it.

All responses that are not helpful and encouraging will be deleted and the grade will be a zero. Remember, you are there "discuss" course topics so everyone will gain a deeper understanding, not to grade your classmates.

3. More tips

  • As a courtesy, you may want to reply to classmates' posts that have not been replied to yet. If you read it and you can't relate, move on but it's always great if everyone can get a reply from at least one classmate.
  • Some of the discussions are lengthy. You may want to type your draft into a word processing document first so you can save your work. You cannot save your work within the discussion forum.
  • Typing in all caps is considering YELLING.
  • Some shortcuts (LOL, Haha, :), F2F, IDK, JK) may not be understood by classmates. This doesn't mean you can't use them if they add to the positive tone of your thread but use them carefully and not excessively.
  • Review your spelling and grammar before submitting. Although you are not graded on these things in most courses, it is considered a "best practice." After all, you are graded on your overall response and if your teacher is too distracted by your misspelled words and grammar to read it effectively, you may be asked to redo it for better understanding.

Discussion Board Etiquette
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If you already have a parent account please do NOT create a new one.

1) Please check to see that your parent account is linked to your student’s account.

2) For more information click Help on the Log in page or click the following link. http://helpdesk.gavirtuallearning.org/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/14/gavs-parent-info

If you are uncertain about whether you have a parent account or not,

1) Log in to GAVS at www.gavirtualschool.org and at the Log In page type in your username and password.

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