Micheal Vey: Battle of the Ampere

By Richard Paul Evans - Pages 320


In Micheal Vey: Battle of the Ampere, the Electro Clan has just destroyed the Peruvian StarSource rescuing Micheal's mother, and putting most of Peru without power. They are wrongly labeled as terrorists and need to get out of the country but before they can, the resistance gives the Electro Clan another big job, destroying the main ship of the Elgen. Will the Electro Clan succeed again at doing the impossible, or has their luck finally run out.


Richard Paul Evans is 53 years old and was born in Utah, USA. He has written additional series such as "The Walk", "The Locket", and "The Christmas Box", all of which are very popular. He has five children and a wife. One of his sons is named Micheal and has Tourettes disease just like in Micheal Vey.


I would have no doubt that this book 100% deserves a 5 out of 5 star. This is easily my favorite series ever, each book is better than the last, each one more overflowing with action, adventure, and tragedy. It is one of the books that you pick up and can't put down, I would recommend this for everyone boy or girl. Numbers one and two in the series are just as amazing books. In conclusion, READ IT! I rest my case.