Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

It's has many Effects on your Health

Why People Smoke

Most people smoke because they think it's a cool thing. If their friends smoke, then some will try it. Most of them will become addicted. Also, it is believed to cure stress. Many baseball players chew tobacco. It is convincing to many other players so they do it. But smoking and chewing tobacco has many effects to your body

The Effects

Many effects occur when chewing and smoking. The majority end up with the many effects. You can get all different types of cancer. It could occur in the throat, mouth, throat, and many more. From chewing tobacco you can get Leukoplakia. It is a disease that effects the tongue. It could make it leathery, white, and puffy. Many diseases happen in the lungs such as, bronchitis, emphysema, and cancer. These effects are terrible, yet tobacco industries still sell these products.

Poisons in a Cigarette

There are hundreds of poisons in a cigarette. They include, arsenic, rat poison, DDT, nail polish remover, etc. These poisons can kill. Rat poison is for rats but people are putting it into their body. Arsenic is an insulation that is not used any more because it kills people. It is poisonous to humans. DDT is a banned insecticide. If it is banned then why is in cigarettes? If something is banned, nobody should be able to use it. These poisons have a deadly effect.