Monster of the Sea

Getting to Know Scylla

  • Scylla was a monster with six heads, twelve feet, and six dog heads on her legs (
  • She was the daughter of Crataeis and Trienus. (Dictionary of Classic Mythology)
  • She was slain by Hercules, some stories say that she was brought back to life by Circe. (Dictionary of Classical Mythology)
  • Was located in the Strait of Messina across from Charybdis. (
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Rivalry with Circe

At one time in her life, Scylla was a normal human being. This changed when Circe the sorceress became jealous of her and turned her into a sea monster. (
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Role in the Odyssey

  • Odysseus and his crew had to sail through Scylla and Charybdis in the Strait of Messina. (
  • Scylla devoured six of Odysseus's companions as they sailed by. (ABC Clio)

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