2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Week of March 21 - 24, 2016

Reader's Workshop

Book Clubs within Series Books

As students continue to read within their book clubs they will learn new skills to apply while they meet with their clubs. One example of this is as they read, they will learn how to predict what a character will do next based on what they know about the characters. With the mentor text, Pinky and Rex and the Bully, they will notice more about a character by studying their relationships within the book. For example, the character Pinky acts differently around Kevin the bully than when he is around his best friend, Rex.


Students will continue to learn about the two vowel teams that say /ow/. These vowel teams are ou as in trout and ow as in plow.

Writer's Workshop

Nominating Book and Celebrating Our Work

For the first couple of days students will learn how to write an introduction and conclusion for their nomination. As well they will learn strategies to make their writing more convincing. Then, in the last two days of the week, students will share their book nominations with the class.


Representing Numbers on a Number Line

This week students will learn how to place numbers on a number line. They will refer to Learnzillion to learn some strategies associated with this standard. Check out the videos using this link.

Science & Social Studies

This week in social studies, students will continue to learn about life cycles of insects and other organisms. In particular they will begin to study the life cycle of a dragonfly. Students will learn that dragonflies are unique in that they do not use a 'cocoon' or a 'chrysalis' similar to the butterfly and moth. Therefore, instead of four life cycle stages, the dragonfly will only have three! As well, this is an insect that students will more than likely be able to observe on our upcoming field trip to Jordan Lake (more about that later on...)

Mark Your Calendars!

Thursday; March 24th

Early Release

Friday March 25th - Sunday, April 3rd

No School - Spring Break!

Specials Schedule


Monday: Computer

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Library


Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Music


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Computer


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE