Key to getting fit

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5 Rules of performance nutrition

1. Always eat five times a day

2. Plan your meals in a 1:2:3 fat, protein, and carbohydrates

3. Plan meals based on exercise

4. You cannot lose weight and gain muscle at the same time

5. Supplement your diet to fill holes with nutrients


Carbohydrates can be found in your grains such as wheat these are complex carbs that give you a lot of energy. There are also simple carbs that are in unhealthy foods that give you little energy. The glycemic index is the degree of your blood sugar after you eat something. This is something you should keep in mind when eating because it is unhealthy to have varying levels all the time.Fiber is a compound only found in plants that helps the digestive system.


The amino acids are what your body needs to form tissues, enzymes, and blood protein. The categories are essential, conditionally essential, and the nonessential. The essential amino acids are very important for strength training. Whey protein has a higher value of nitrogen where as casein has a lower nitrogen retention. Anabolism increases protein synthesis where as catabolism slows it down. you should consume protein everyday for energy.


Fats can act as a second source of energy for athletes and people that exercise often. Cholesterol is beneficial to you because it functions in your cells to make them healthy and function more efficient. You acquire it by eating fats. MCT's are fatty acids produced from coconut oil and palm kernels.