Till Death Did They Part

By: Lauren Mason

Piece #1


The topic for my overall project was mortality. For this particular piece the theme I developed was that death happens to anyone, no matter if they are a good person or not. This is a diary entry from a character's perspective in Beowulf. He describes kind of what he saw and his feelings he had.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People Too?

Dear Diary,

Today I witnessed a scene so shocking. I just could not believe what had happened to our king and the fact that he died. I often wonder why bad things happen to good people? I was with the rest of the Geats in the Herot. We were all going to go to sleep. All of a sudden a monster walked in, with his eyes filled with fire. The monster looked like he wanted to destroy everything, and that's what he started to do. He ripped apart one of the Geats that was asleep on the floor, and before he could kill anyone else Beowulf came in. The two started battling right there in front of us. Eventually the king slayed the dragon, but in the process of slaying the dragon injured Beowulf pretty bad. I walked up to Beowulf as he was gasping for air and he told me to go find all of the treasure from the dragon’s home. I did as he said and brought him back as much treasure as my hands could possibly hold. When I came back, the king had gotten worse. He gave me some of his most prized possessions and took his last breath of air. I wonder to myself again why bad things happen to good people. Why did the king have to die? He was the best king I had even known and he was so good to everyone. After Beowulf died, me and the other Geats built a tomb for the king and took really good care of it. We buried his precious items that he gave to me. I will never forget Beowulf and how much of a great king he truly was.

Piece #2-- Ballad


For this piece of my multi-genre project, I wrote a ballad. Its like a poem with a rhyming theme within the different lines of the poem. The topic is still mortality but the theme is slightly different from the first piece. This time I chose the theme that death is spontaneous and uncontrollable.

Death Happens Everyday

Once there was an evil dragon

He came out from his home

Searching for the mighty king

Where in the forest he roamed

The mighty king and dragon found each other

They broke out in a robust battle

The dragon breathed fire and scared off the Geats

Everyone but the mighty Beowulf was rattled

The two battled all day and night

Finally one of the two was defeated

One of the Geats came back without fright

He explained how well the king treated

The king felt very grateful for the kind words

He started gasping for air

Then he suffered from his burns

He died laying there without scare

Piece #3

Karma Maybe?

The theme of the last project i did is most people get punished for a sin or crime they commit. This picture is of the three rioters from The Pardoner's Tale. Two are dead or dying from drinking poison and the other one is dead from being stabbed. The three men were greedy and selfish. They eventually got possibly what they all deserved.
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Dear Reader,

While doing this project, I learned not only how to develope themes throughout the different poems but also how to write different pieces. Before this project I had never really put forth the effort in writing an actual ballad before. For this being the first time I had written a ballad, I believe I did exceptionally well. One thing I could have improved on the ballad would have been the rhyming patterns throughout the poem. I did not think there was a specific challenging part to this project. As long as the student put the effort forward into the pieces, then they should not have had a problem. All the options that we got for the different pieces seemed to be exceptionally easy. One thing I would like to try in the future would have to be a television show script or a dance routine. Those seem to be out of the norm and more exciting! Thank you for reading this and maybe you would consider doing something similar to this project!