Lago Vista Middle School


December 18th


Upcoming Events.....

Monday, December 21st -- Christmas Break Begins

Tuesday, January 5th -- Second Semester Begins!!

Wednesday, January 6th -- After School Clubs Resume

Thank you parents for all the cookies!!

This week's attendance rate...

Our LVMS campus goal is to reach 98%!!

This week's attendance rate = 95%

Attendance Reminder...Parents please remember to always send in a note to excuse your child for their absence. A phone call does not excuse your child unless a note is received on your child's return to school. Thank you!

Please Review The LVMS Dress Code!

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One Act Play makes us PROUD...

On December 9th the LVMS OAP Team competed with their rendition of "The Wishin' Tree" by Cleve Haubold. The play is a heartwarming comedy about a wishing tree set in the 1890s. Our students gave an amazing performance, and didn't even break character when their back wall fell not only once, but twice! In our story there's Ol' Granny Creep (Grace) who drops off some magical seeds that turn into a Wishin' Tree (Lily). Crazy Gramma Twiggins (Katelyn) is full of spirit and mischief and even goes after the town busybody Drusilla (Kyla) with her broom. Mrs. Van Carbunkle (Iris) and her two 'fancy' daughters Flotilla (Everest) and Labilia (Leah) try to steal the tree when they don't get their wishes. All the while, Widder Matilda (Juliessa) tries to keep the peace.

Our incredible cast:

Juliessa Aguilar, Katelyn Coldicott, Grace Coldicott, Iris Dannelley, Kyla Northcutt, Everest Colvin, Leah Coldicott and Lily Warren.

Our magnificent crew:

Reese Jennings, Jack Stewart, Griffin Beard, Jessie Pessin, Skylar Stefka and Madysen Shepard.

We received the following individual honors:

Kyla Northcutt : All-Star Cast Award for her role as Mrs. Purseley

Katelyn Coldicott : Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Award for her role as Gramma Twiggins

Iris Dannelley : Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Award for her role as Mrs. Van Carbunkle

Skylar Stefka All-Star Crew Award

Counselor's Couch...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Have a nice, relaxing break. We will see you back on January 5th for the start of the new semester.

Change in Sports Club for January...

Sports Club will be Soccer for the month of January!

3D Printer Creates Cross-Curricular Opportunities...

In Mrs. Karg's ELA class, students got into groups of 3 and chose a sector of the world being affected by 3D printing. The groups read nonfiction texts relating to their sector and created a way to teach others about how 3D printing is impacting the world around us. These groups were led by a tech 3 student that had the knowledge of 3D CAD design. The groups brought the designs to Mrs. Thailing's Tech III class and got it ready for printing on our DREMEL 3D printer. Wow, what an amazing cross-curricular lesson this has been!

Bleacher Report

7th grade girls basketball (Coach Hill)

7A Results vs. Bastrop B


The 7A Lady Viking Basketball team continued their winning ways by defeating the Bastrop Lady Cubs 7th B team 32-6 on Monday night. The Lady Vikings displayed a swarming defense enabling them to take stranglehold of the game right from the get go. The girls jumped ahead by twelve points, leading 14-2 after the 1st four minutes of the

game. The strategy of turning defense into offense was in full effect with the Lady Cubs barely able to cross half court early on. The team displayed a balanced scoring attack due to their passing and sharing of the ball up and down the court. 5 players scored multiple baskets, with 8 of 10 players recording points for the team. The win improved their

record to 3 wins and just 1 loss through the 1st half of their season. The girls will look to avenge that lone loss against the Jarrell Lady Cougars in their first game of 2016 inside the freshly painted LVMS Gym on January 7th.

Come on out and support the Lady Vikings!

The LVMS girls basketball teams played in Bastrop this week since the Gateway game got cancelled. The Lady Bears looked intimidating, having both size and athletic ability. Despite the fact that our Lady Vikings were playing a 5A school, they jumped right out on the court and hit the gas. Lago had a 6 point lead on Bastrop in the first quarter of the game and never slowed down. The Lady Bears brought the game to within 1 point, early in the 4th quarter, but the Lady Vikings answered with 3 quick strikes, bringing them ahead by 5 by the last buzzer. The final score was 26-21, Lago Vista on top. Our defensive player of the game this week is Itza Cantera, and our offensive player of the week is Mallory Webb,

scoring 15 points.

We are proud of all of our teams and would like to thank all of those who supported us in the stands. Our next game will be a rematch against Jarrell, at home, on January 7th. Our girls are excited to beat those Cougars! GO VIKINGS!

8th grade girls basketball (Coach Rogers)

- December 7 vs. Ingram -

The LVMS girls basketball teams played at home this week in our newly-painted gym against the Ingram lady Warriors. The Warriors fielded three teams for the contest. Ingram brought an 8th grade B team, a 7th grade A team and an 8th grade A team. Due to the absence of a 7th grade B team game, we combined our 7th grade and our 8th grade B teams.

In the combined team game, the Lady Vikings jumped ahead of the Lady Warriors 4-2 in the first half. Good defense and a solid offense contributed to the first half score. Despite the combination of the teams, the girls played well together and demonstrated good basketball skills. The Vikings stalled on the offensive side of the ball in the second half, failing to add any additional points to the scoreboard, but the defense held strong, allowing only 2 points to be scored by Ingram. The final score of the game ended in a tie, at 4-4. The defensive

player of the game was Destiny Deveze and the offensive player of the game was Ivory Mason.

In the 8th grade A team game, the Lady Vikings hit the gas and never let off. The half court press led to over half of the points scored by Lago in the entire game. The half time score was 20-3, in favor of the Vikings. We worked on fundamentals of basketball in the second half, and the Lady Vikings looked good doing. We were making good passes and taking good shots. We worked on eliminating turnovers and playing solid defense. The final score of the game was 26-10, with Lago coming out on top. The defensive player of this game was

Monsie Martinez, and the offensive player of the game was Mallory Web with 15 points scored.

We are proud of all of our teams and would like to thank all of those who supported us in the stands. Our next game will be a rematch against Jarrell, at home, on January 7th. Our game against Gateway has been cancelled, due to Gateway not having a girl’s basketball team this season, but we've scheduled two games on the road against Bastrop. More information will be provided by the coaches soon. GO VIKINGS!

Boys basketball report (Coach Rague & Coach Tomlin)

The 7th grade boys traveled to Gateway on Monday Dec. 14. The Vikings came out strong once again and imposed their will on the Gators. At the end of the first quarter the Lago team had compiled a 13-5 lead. Kaleb Alderete had a strong start with 8 points right out the gate. In the second quarter the lead extended to 24-9. The vikings built the majority of their lead from implementing a very active and focused full court press. The Gateway team was just not able to have much success against the pressure. As a result, the Vikings were able to push the ball up the floor and attach the basket. Lucas Lawless along with Alderete were able to get to the free throw line on several occasions due to the aggressive play in the first half. The second half was much of the same. Gateway did have a push in the fourth quarter but the Vikings were able to reestablish the dominance and finish the game strong. Overall, the Vikings had a very solid effort. 8 total players contributed to the scoring and all 11 contributed to a very strong defensive effort.

We went to gateway this week, and it was a battle that we excepted. My 8th grade b team fought hard and played their hearts out in a tough loss to gateway. Gonzo Hidalgo led the way with 14 points in the game. Everst Colvin and Zack Johnson played amazing defense up and down the court. Jack stewart had 3 steals to go with Nathan Cannons multiple rebounds. Nate Spiers work down the court several times for 4 assists.

8th grade A team had a tough lost in a 39- 31 lost. Dillon McKee lead the team in rebounds, Sam Hurley lead the team in steals, Preston Coffey and Nathan Wiechman lead the team in assists. Hunter Sims had a charge and 4 offensive rebounds, his counterpart was Andrew Smith with 4 fast break points down the court. Ben Carlton work hard all night along with Josh Herandez to keep their big post out of the paint.

Want to see what's going on at LVMS.... Watch the video below!

LVMS transforms in the Fall

Interested in participating in the District Improvement Process?

The 2015-2016 District Educational Improvement Council has two open positions: one (1) parent representative position and one (1) business representative position.

The purpose of the District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC) is to advise the District in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major District-wide classroom instructional programs. The committee serves exclusively in an advisory role. Parent, community, and business representatives are volunteer appointments. All representatives serve staggered two-year terms. Members are not limited as to the number of consecutive terms they may serve on DEIC.

The DEIC holds 4-6 meetings each spring, typically on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

You may access the 2015-2015 DEIC Application by visiting

Applications must be received by December 15, 2015. Please submit your application by scanning and emailing it to

Applications may also be mailed or dropped off to:

8039 Bar-K Ranch Rd.

Lago Vista, TX 78645

Attn: Dr. Suzy Lofton

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Suzy Lofton at (512) 267-8300 x.1503.

Special Thanks to Dee Dee's Tacos for catering our LVMS Christmas Party!

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Yearbooks for SALE...


Memories are being made every day and we want to help you preserve them forever.

Your yearbook captures those once-in-a lifetime memories in a single place.

Guarantee that you will never forget them by purchasing your copy NOW!

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The LVMS order number is : 18995

Please have this number handy when you call or log in to order your yearbook.

To purchase directly via cash or check, order forms are available in the front office and on the middle school website. Order forms need to be returned to the front office or to Mrs. Luce Wright in Upper Campus Room 115.

Allergies, Colds & Flu Season Reminders


  • Check with your doctor about the flu shot (or nasal spray form)
  • Germs live in noses and mouths. Avoid touching them without a tissue
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow, not your hand.
  • Don’t share any drinks or food
  • Don’t eat lots of sweets (sodas, desserts, candy.) They put your immune system to sleep!
  • Wash your hands often… good washing takes about 15 seconds (hum the birthday song)
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies to build a germ fighting immune system.
  • Get plenty of rest - our bodies heal themselves when we sleep


  • There is medicine for the flu if you see your doctor within 48 hours of the start of symptom (high fever, headache, dry cough, muscle aches, fatigue.)
  • Treat the aches and fever with Tylenol/Acetaminophen
  • Never use Aspirin for children under 18 (because of the risk of Reyes Syndrome)
  • Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration and speed recovery
  • Prevent spreading : Stay home from work or school until your temperature is below 100 degrees for 24 hours (without using medicine to lower it! )

Let’s all have the healthiest season ever!

Nurse Carmichael