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Edition 3 March 5, 2017

More News From Room 128

So, not to brag or anything, but okay, kind of bragging...on our first day back from vacation , we received a well deserved compliment from Mr. Roche. During Daily 5 CAFE Literacy Workshop, we had all started right away, and were busy reading to self, reading with someone, working on our writing, practicing our written sight words, listening to someone read, or meeting with MB, and Mr. Roche walked into our classroom. He stopped, looked around, smiled, and said "WOW! It is like college in here, people are so focused and working hard. Keep it up." We all said "Thank You!". MB said, "They are just so amazing! 4 warm and fuzzies for our class jar, and Hoot Loot for everyone!" Then about 30 minutes later, we were walking to CORE class, and another adult from our school whom we like to call Ms. Stretch, told our class that we were doing such a great job we could teach the fourth graders a thing or two about an awesome line. So guess what? Hoot Loot for everyone! Two days later Mrs. B. was so impressed by our class that she asked that I give everyone in line, you guessed it, Hoot Loot! YEAH US!!!

We have been busy working on informational writing and the different pieces which make up a well written piece. The class has created success criteria (pretty much what is means to do a particular thing really well, answering the question, how will you know you are successful?) for the I can statement or learning intention: I can write a topic sentence. During the last few writing workshops, topic sentences from fellow classmate authors have been used to inspire, and also check to see if they meet the success criteria. Then students were challenged with finding their own best topic sentence from the writing they have already completed, or writing the best topic or introductory sentence they can! Students then had the chance to share it with their classmates at the end of writing workshop. Next the students will self asses on our new TARGET/GOAL dart boards, by placing a dart on the bulls eye to show how close they are to mastering this target skill in their writing. WOW!

In Word Study we have been focusing on Verbs. Kelsey, Mrs Langelier's Student Teacher, designed the Word Study 4 stations. At Tech we draw and write some verbs, and then use the Quiver app to make them come alive! At word project, small groups review nouns and adjectives, and work on verbs, while creating mad libs! FUN!! All students are working on "D" (dipthong -2 or more vowels making one new sound, and digraphs-2 or more letters making one new sound), and Open (a vowel at the end of a syllable with nothing in its' way to stop it from making its' long vowel sound) Syllables and practicing them at Words By Self. First graders are working on Long Aa, -ai- and -ay. Second graders are working on Long Ii, -igh, and -y. At Words with Someone, students are playing a fast paced sight word game called, SPLAT!

Check out your student's See Saw page for action packed photos from one of our latest STWEAM day adventures. A QR code was resent home last week, and directions were provided in the last newsletter. If you need help signing up, email me at mclason@wocsd.org. As the beginning to our study of dinosaurs, and for the Next Gen Science Standard focused on geology and the changing Earth, in small groups, students built and then exploded volcanoes!!!!! Soon we will write up the recipe and send it out to the world to experiment. Last week during STWEAM we voted on the herbivore dinosaur we will research and create a life sized model of. The dinosaur is called Animantarx, see below. We are so excited about this project. We are planning on sharing our results with family and friends at the end of April or beginning of May during a presentation with Mrs. Langelier and Ms. Clark's classes. The date will be confirmed and shared at the upcoming April Parent Student Teacher Conferences, and posted on our website: http://www.mbsmultiage1-2.com/.

MB, along with the WES staff, was trained in Mindfulness, which works on preparing the body to be at its' optimal best for learning and life! We have already been using a new single chime to transition from one activity to another. This week we have incorporated the use of Mandalas for 10 minutes, to help us focus and calm ourselves before our longer content classes. We will also be working on an LED candle focusing activity, and ways to use breathing exercises to help us focus and learn!

Hoping this newsletter finds you safe and out of the latest North Easter to hit Maine. Please do not hesitate to call me at 646-5953 ext. 4128 or email mclason@wocsd.org if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.



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