Steamboat Springs

by Annabella Williams


Steamboat Springs used to be owned by the Utes Indians that hunted in the valley during the summer. In the 19th century Trappers started moving into the Utes territory. the founder of Steamboat Springs, Harvey Crawford arrived in the year of 1874. Later in 1879, Harvey then made the Utes Indians to a reservation in Utah by the U.S Army. There is all of the history that you need to know.

fun facts

Ski jumping

Some fun facts about Steamboat Springs are in 1913 a man named Carl Howelsen moved into Steamboat introducing ski jumping. He built the very first jump ever to be seen in the town of Steamboat Springs. He also hosted one of the very first winter carnivals. Carl soon became very famous. That's all you need to Know about Steamboat Springs.